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Nursery or Nanny: What Should a Working Mum Choose?

Nursery or Nanny: What Should a Working Mum Choose?

Working mums always worry about where to leave their newborn baby after their maternity leave. Should they enroll their babies in nurseries? Or hire a stay-at-home nanny? It can be very confusing for new mums to choose between nursery or nanny. Therefore, you will find all the information you need here. Learn all about the options you have as a working mum to make going back to work after childbirth easier. 

Nursery or Nanny: What to Choose? 

Working mums and newborn babies

You will probably feel guilty about leaving your newborn baby and going back to work. Especially if this is your first born baby. Most mums are very emotional about this, as they are exhausted and sleepless as well! Other mums can be dealing with postpartum depression, which makes all of this even harder. But in all cases, working mums find themselves in need to make a decision quickly. Some mothers or mothers-in-law offer to help, but if yours cannot help looking after your baby. Then you might need to ask yourself: nursery or nanny? 

Nursery: Pros and Cons 

Many mums prefer choosing a good and nearby nursery for their newborn babies. And this choice is good, especially for the following reasons: 

  • – Most nurseries have specialists to look after newborn babies. 
  • – The staff is fully equipped to look after newborn babies. Some nurseries even have specialized nurses to do this job. 
  • – All nurseries are monitored by administrators and other official authorities. That is to make sure they are caring well for newborn babies
  • – Signing up newborn babies in nurseries boosts their social skills. As they will get used to meeting new people and other little babies. That will also enhance their language skills. 
  • – Newborn babies’ immune systems get stronger when going to nurseries. As their bodies face more germs and viruses, thus they adapt faster and better to fight them. 

But with all these pros, we cannot deny that there are some cons for nurseries. 

Some nursery cons are:

  • – Limited and fixed working hours. That might not be suitable for your own schedule as a working mum. 
  • – Nurseries can have off days, like weekends and other holidays. Which might conflict with your own days off. 
  • If your baby is sick, you cannot send him or her to nursery. Which might force you to take a personal day off from work.

What about having a nanny at home? 


  • Hiring a nanny means flexible hours. You can set when the nanny comes over, and when to leave. Which gives you the ability to attend a 5 pm meeting, or grab groceries after work. And you can do so without worrying about nursery pick ups or working hours.  
  • – With having a live-in-nanny, or a daily nanny. You won’t have to worry about waking up your baby and disrupting his or her sleep. You can simply let them sleep peacefully and go to work. 
  • – In addition to looking after your baby. You can assign your nanny other chores. Such as cleaning the house or doing the dishes. 
  • – Hiring a full time nanny means you will have more free time on your hands. Which you can use for some alone time, or a date night with your husband. 


While having a full time nanny has many advantages. Some mums cannot but worry about other major disadvantages, such as: 

  • – Fear of leaving your baby with a stranger. 
  • – Lack of privacy, as the nanny’s workplace is your home. 
  • – Extra responsibilities for live-in nannies. Such as health insurance and residency expenses.

So, which to choose? Nursery or nanny? 

It is very important to make a decision before your maternity leave ends. You do not want to panic right before you go back to work. Also, keep in mind that leaving your baby for work does not mean you’re a bad mum. On the contrary, you are working for the sake of yourself and your baby. Which makes you a great mum. 

When choosing a nursery or nanny, make sure you study the pros and cons with your husband. Having a discussion together will help you make a better decision that suits you and your family. Plus, remember that every con can be solved. For example, use baby monitors and cameras if you go with hiring a full time nanny. Also, make sure you treat your nanny fair and nice. This will reflect positively on her work. 

On the other hand, if you choose to enroll your newborn baby in a nursery. Then look for a nursery with suitable working hours that works with your schedule. In addition, choose a nearby nursery to avoid wasting time driving. 

Just keep in mind that there is no fixed solution. And any obstacles can be easily overcome.