Best Luxury Travel Cot 2018

Best Luxury Travel Cot 2018

BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light Review

If you’re looking to make a serious investment, this may be the cot for you

BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light

AED 2,293.20 VAT Inclusive

Light, comfortable and strong, the BabyBjorn fits into a suitcase-style bag which is easy to lift into a car boot and can actually be carried (rather than dragged). It functions as a great playpen for tots, and is easy to clean with a zip-off fabric cover.

Folding is also key with travel cots, and the BabyBjorn makes it look easy. There are only three steps to assembling the cot; take it out of the bag, unfold the legs, and flip it over to where you can put the mattress in. We found the cot almost pops up by itself and, unlike genuine pop-up cots, it’s incredibly stable and secure – all of the ease with none of the risk.

As many travel cots are wipe-down only, we especially loved the way the fabrics can all be unzipped for washing. This is useful for any child, but with our tester’s reflux baby it was a Godsend. We loved the mattress, too – the softest of any we tested. All babies are different, but our tester’s baby slept best in this cot.

BabyBjorn’s travel cot looks fairly standard, with a playpen-style mesh frame, rectangular mattress and folding carry case. However, having tested 10 travel cots over nearly three months, we can say that the BabyBjorn was one of our favourites to assemble.

Some travel cots are huge, but if you don't mind the expense, get a BabyBjorn travel cot - it's smaller and cosier for a young baby.

However, there’s no denying that the BabyBjorn is expensive. At more than £200, it’s the priciest in the category, so it’s not too surprising that it did well. If you’d only use a travel cot once a year, we might point you to a cheaper option, but if you’re looking to make a serious investment, this may be the cot for you.

The Specs:

Suitable from: Birth to three years
Weight: 6 kg, including carry bag
Folded Dimensions: D49 x L60 x W14 cm

Best Compact Travel Cot 2018

Best Luxury Travel Cot 2018

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