The Travel Checklist you shouldn’t be without

The Travel Checklist you shouldn’t be without

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

Picture it – you have seen your luggage off and received your boarding passes. You pass customs and immigration and walk through the terminal to your gate. Everyone is accounted for as you hand your passes over to the flight attendant who helpfully shows you to your seats and helps stow your hand luggage.

Everyone is seated and buckled as you throw yourself into your seat heaving a huge sigh of relief. Then your two-year-old toddler turns to you requesting her favourite colouring book and colours. And then you panic.

To avoid the panic, here are the Top 5 must haves on a flight with younger kids!

  • A change of clothes, for you and the kids.
  • Panadol (for you).
  • Favourite toys, games, books or any other pastime that helps them stay in their seats.
  • Favourite snacks – biscuits, rice cakes, fruits, sandwiches, candy and chocolate to avoid potential tantrums!
  • New, never seen before games – kids get instantly distracted and absorbed with new toys and games.

Don’t get caught off guard and always be prepared, from Team Mumzworld.

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