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Help Your Child master mathematics with these 5 top tips

Help Your Child master mathematics with these 5 top tips

There are always things that we need to work on (both children and adults) and often during the schooling years, it is mathematics. The best way to support your child at home with their mathematics is to make it fun and engaging. Here are our top tips:

  • I love using this See & Solve Math Kit, it can be used in so many different ways and can support your child for several years (from basic addition to advanced multiplication). It is perfect for visual learners and for those who need to move to learn as they add the beads onto each post.
Lakeshore - See & Solve Math Kit
  • Timetables and multiplication are one of those things that only really get better with lots of practice. Andrew Brodie is well known (and highly respected) by teachers for his workbooks that let children practice their mathematical skills in a fun and friendly way. I love the Let’s Do Times Tables 5-6 range!
Andrew Brodie - Let's Do Times Tables 5-6
  • Some of the best ways to learn and practice mathematics are by simply exploring and playing with numbers. The Learning Journey – Magnetic Count & Learn Board allows children to explore numbers, counting and other concepts in a fun way (plus, it’s compact and easy to take with you).
The Learning Journey - Magnetic Count & Learn Board
  • I love resources that can be used in lots of different ways, one very versatile resource is these Wipe-Clean Number Cards. They can be used for tracing practice, counting one – to – ten with pictures, sorting, ordering numbers, addition and subtraction cue cards – just to name a few!
Wipe-clean Number Cards
  • Another fun way to engage your child with mathematics is to set them free with a calculator, they can play with numbers and problem solve to see what happens. It can help give them a boost of confidence and help them enjoy mathematics more. Especially when the calculator is super beautiful like the Rex London – Daisy Design Solar Calculator.
Rex London - Daisy Design Solar Calculator

Don’t forget to check out other great learning resources on Mumzworld that can help your child be the best that they can be.

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