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Picture Books Teach Children Kindness

Picture Books Teach Children Kindness

Children are exposed to so many different influences these days, media throws constant images at them, the lyrics of songs on the radio suggest certain themes and just the day to day world around them can highlight different characteristics, so what can you do to help show a bit more kindness to your child?

These books are the perfect additions to your bookshelf, the perfect conversation starter or example for your child and are all parent approved!

Sharing A Shell

A story about friendships and kindness, all in a loveable beachside setting.


Celebrates being unique.

Words and Your Heart

How do words influence us? How do they make us feel? How do you use your words?

Jealous As An Orangutan

Teaches sharing and understanding what is important.


Educate your children with the values in a fun way. Teach them the moral and values for being a good human.

Hello & Goodbye 

Every greeting is a gesture of those who come and those who go. Turn the pages of this book filled with poetry and discover how even a small gesture can bring joy to those who receive it.

Room on the Broom 

A very funny story of quick wits and friendship.

Becoming Queen

A story about a courageous bee who learns and grows to become a great bee queen.

Listen To The Echo

Osvaldo was a grouchy elf. He never had a kind word for anyone! Until, that is, he started speaking to his own echo. Ideal gift to little one and will surely provide endless hours of fun while learning.

Do you have a favorite picture book in your house that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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