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Study Resources: Top 10 Study Books Here at Mumzworld

Study Resources: Top 10 Study Books Here at Mumzworld

Reading is a very important skill for kids to learn and master. Especially that school kids will need it in their school work. Therefore, get your kids these amazing study resources to make learning fun and easy. Also, all of these study books are teacher-approved! 

Best Study Resources for Children 

1| Brain Quest Grade 2 Workbook

Find hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject. This workbook reinforces what kids are learning in the classroom. As it has a lively layout and easy-to-follow explanations make learning fun.

2| Phonics Flashcards

Introduce the letters and sounds that make up words with those Phonics Flashcards. Those cards feature all 31 sets and speed sounds. Along with the corresponding letters to enable children to learn phonics and decode words easily.

3| Summer Brain Quest

A workbook that teaches through game and adventure. It will capture your child’s attention and provide hours of fun and learning. This book is filled with activities based on phonics, reading, writing, counting, shapes, seasons, habitats, map skills, and more. In addition, you can track your child’s progress on the map with the included stickers.

4| Vegetables Wall Chart

Charts are a great way to teach children words and object’s names. This beautiful educational wall chart introduces young learners to different types of vegetables. Also, it has accurate word labels and vibrant illustrations help the child to develop a robust vocabulary and enhance their observation skills. The attractive images displayed on the posters will help the child absorb information faster.

5| Priddy Books – Numbers

This wipe-clean workbook is full of practical activities. They all include numbers based on your children’s everyday experiences. The colorful pages introduce numbers to kids. This chunky board book with 26 pages is great for little hands to hold.

6| Ready Set Learn: Colors & Shapes 

When parents buy study resources. they usually look for ones that are teachers-approved. And this book is exactly that. It helps children practice important learning concepts again and again. As it has easy to follow instructions and bright photos and illustrations to keep childrens engaged.

7| Oxford Reading Tree Stories 

This is one of the best study resources that are also great for beginner readers. It is a series of stories following Biff, Chip and Kipper and their adventures.

8| Oxford First Illustrated Math Dictionary

If we introduce math badly to our kids, they will tend to hate it. Therefore, you need the best study resources to put a positive spin on math for your kids. This Oxford First Illustrated Math Dictionary supports the curriculum and gives your child a head start in understanding first math concepts. It gives simple and clear meanings for over 300 math words and concepts, from ‘add’ to ‘zero’. In addition, each entry is illustrated with child-friendly artwork plus diagrams, including some Numicon shapes and figures, to explain, add meaning, and support the definition.

9| Stories For Kids Who Dare To Be Different

A book that is also a refreshing proof that dreams do come true and that it is ok to be different. This is an inspiring read for any young person, particularly those struggling to find their place in the world. We promise you, these stories will make kids more courageous, creative, and positively different. It is indeed a great gift for your son, daughter, niece, or nephew.

10| It’s Up To Us

Do you have a child who is very curious about nature and our planet earth? If so, this book is a must read. This book is basically a beautiful, lyrical and thought-provoking voyage through Nature. Along with the threats we face and an action plan for the future. And how little kids can help make a better change to our world.