Why We Should Be More Like Toddlers

Why We Should Be More Like Toddlers

Toddlers. Those little tiny humans given to us to keep us on our toes, our tippy toes to be very exact. I am new to the mother of a toddler status and while for the most part, I am taking every day as it comes, patting myself on the back for surviving, I truly believe we could take some tips from their approach to life, because let’s be honest, they are having a heck of a good time.

1. Forgive easily.

Have you ever watched toddlers play together? One minute they are all friends, cupcakes and tea parties, the next is someone stole a doll and the dolls mother is sitting the corners sulking vowing never to speak to the abductor again, and within minutes that can all change and everyone is back to sipping imaginary tea. No passive aggressive Facebook posts, no grudge holding for a decade, they just forgive, forget and move on.

2. Enjoy the simple things.

Somewhere around adolescence, it became uncool to be too enthusiastic about anything, and as adults, while we do laugh and enjoy it’s not the same as that irresistible contagious belly laugh a toddler gets when she watches you doing something as simple as brushing your teeth. Or have you ever been greeted by anyone as happy to see you like your toddler? If only we as adults could appreciate and enjoy all the simple moments we take for granted every day.

3. Be assertive.

Think about what you want, and go for it. Even if that thing is completely irrational. I know there are plenty of times in my life I would benefit from being more assertive and simply saying no.

4. Ask why.

While my little one is not quite at the “But why” stage yet, I see my friends with their children who seem to spend their entire day answering questions, and it made me wonder at what stage in my life did I stop asking why, and to be seeking new information continually. Intellectual curiosity is never a bad thing, indulge frequently.

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