Choosing the Right Baby Seat for Your Bub

Choosing the Right Baby Seat for Your Bub

You know the seats that are so convenient to pop bub in once they outgrow the rocker or bouncer? The ones where you just pop them in and they can sit there with the support of the seat? Not all baby seats are created equal, so here’s a guide to what to look for.

What to avoid?

A bucket seat design – the ones that have a deep curve in the seat base that lets bubs little bottom sink into it – this style of chair tilts your baby’s pelvis and cause a curve in their spine. When they are sitting with this curve in their back, they are not able to use their arms and neck properly and can cause strains and injury. Also steer away from seats that are very rigid and restricting of bubs movement.

What to look for?

Firstly, think about what a baby looks like sitting on the floor – they rely on their legs and feet for balance not just their bottom. This is what you want to replicate with your baby seat. In short, a seat that allows your baby to sit in a natural position for their age.

– A seat that allows bubs legs and feet to be in full contact with the chair surface
– A seat that allows movement of the legs, your baby needs to be able to adjust their balance by moving their legs and adjusting their position
– A seat that allows for the natural ‘learning to sit wobble’ – this wobble is a normal stage in development and shouldn’t be hindered.
– A seat that allows your baby to move their arms
– A seat that best replicates the position a baby is in once they can sit independently on the floor

My favourite seat options that meet the above checklist:
– Fisher-Price – Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat
– Playgro Large Activity Floorplay
– Mother’s Nest – placed behind the bubs back (just in case they topple over)
– Saif Sleep – Maternity Body Support Pillow – unwound with one open side for bubs legs

Playgro Large Activity Floorplay
Mother’s Nest
Saif Sleep – Maternity Body Support Pillow

Handy tips:
– Limit the use to 30 minutes a day max
– Ensure your baby still has plenty of natural sitting practice without the seat
– Only use baby seats when your bub has neck and back support to hold themselves up (once they start to show sitting cues and signs), until then, a bouncer or rocker is best

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