Making gratitude your daily attitude.

Making gratitude your daily attitude.

Gratitude isn’t reserved for those who are searching for life answers or trying to change themselves; in fact, it’s something that we should all be striving for in our daily life.

There has been a lot of world-wide research across countries and cultures by multiple different people, and the research is impressive. Gratitude is worthy of spending 5 minutes a day to focus on due to the immense benefits that it brings to you and your family.

What is gratitude all about?

It’s a quality and emotion that focuses on being thankful and noticing the goodness around you. It is something that becomes a habit and helps you to deeply appreciate the life that you have and the people that you are surrounded by.


What are the top 10 benefits of making gratitude your daily attitude?


  1. Gratitude actually makes you happier; your long-term wellbeing can be 10 per cent higher simply by practising gratitude daily. When you are grateful, you get positive feedback messages to your brain. Winning!
  2. Gratitude helps us to be less self-centred – gratitude is all about focusing on people, events and the world around you – it focuses on others and their strengths rather than on yourself
  3. Gratitude makes people like you more… it helps you to form stronger social connections, makes you a nicer person and helps you to trusts others more readily- opening doors to new friendships instead of building walls.
  4. Gratitude makes you feel good. It’s a positive and constructive emotion.
  5. Gratitude impacts your physical health. Long term studies have shown that those who practice gratitude daily have higher health statistics.
  6. Gratitude helps our other emotions; it helps us bounce back faster from stress and adversity, it helps us see the positives in bad situations and reduces our feeling of jealousy and envy
  7. Gratitude makes you a more optimistic person. By focusing on the good in life, we start to perceive our life to be better and our future brighter. Optimism and gratitude go hand in hand as you focus on the good in life (now and in the future).
  8. Gratitude helps you to recognise kindness and well-meaning gestures; grateful people take kindness from others for what it is (in other words – they have higher self-esteem)
  9. Gratitude helps you to sleep better. Thinking about what you are grateful for helps your mind to relax and switch off.
  10. Gratitude can make our memories more positive. Noticing goodness in the present time makes you more likely to think about the positive aspects of past events and memories.


How can you implement gratitude as your daily attitude?

Easily, take 5 minutes each day to think about three things that you are grateful for that day.


The below items can really help you to make it a habit and keep you accountable to practice gratitude daily.


Gratitude Jar – Gratitude Glass Jar


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52 Weeks Journal So Lovely


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