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Parenting, Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Parenting, Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Have you ever been so overwhelmed in day to day life that sometimes you find your kids are speaking to you and you are not really tuned in? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us.

Active listening means you focus on what is being said without thinking about how you’re going to respond. It’s about observing body language and picking up on cues. To improve your listening ability get on their level, kneel if needed, and them your complete attention making eye contact. When they feel heard they’ll feel the love.

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Teaching your children the difference between right and wrong is an essential part of your parenting responsibilities. Not only do you need to teach these lessons to your kids you need to follow these rules by setting an example. This means that you may not always be right and will need to come clean about it.

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Taking care of yourself is as important as vital as looking after your little ones. Commit to staying centred so you can be the happy, patient, encouraging parent your child deserves. We know it’s not easy and there will be days where that all fly out the window but go for small wins where you can. Go to bed earlier so you’re better rested, eat as healthy as you can and slow down your pace so you can enjoy your life.

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Children are like sponges, so avoid doing anything in front of your children that you wouldn’t want them to do. If you find yourself exhibiting behavior that you don’t want to be mimicked by your child, then it’s a sign you should change how you react in certain situations. It’s essential that they see you managing things to the best of your ability. It’s not about trying to reach perfection; you’re teaching them hard work, honesty, and most of all, love.