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Picking the perfect first books for your baby.

Picking the perfect first books for your baby.

It’s an exciting time when you welcome a baby into your family, there are so many decisions to be made and choices to make. I want to help make one area of those decisions easier for you, so you know that you are doing the best for your little one. One of these decisions is what to pick for your baby’s first books. 

Reading with children is so important, it is even more important in the first year of your bubs life. Their brain is growing and soaking in everything around them in a superhuman way, they are learning the majority of the vocabulary that they will ever have in their life and their brain is doing incredible things – more is happening developmentally than you could even imagine. 

So, let’s choose some great books to help during this critical time of growth and development.

Here are the key components to consider when you pick first books for your baby:

– Choose a variety of books – see which ones your baby gravitates too

– Look for books with bold clear pictures (especially in the first 6 months)

– Look out for mirrors in books, it creates a good sense of wonder for your child as they spot themselves in the story

– Board books are best – they are sturdy, they are chew proof and they are designed for bubs.

– Have some different soft fabric books that incorporate different textures

– Look for simple rhymes and patterns in books

Here are some of my favorite books for babies in their first year of life:

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