6 Tips for a Smoother First Day at Nursery!

6 Tips for a Smoother First Day at Nursery!

There is nothing more exciting and terrifying than your child’s first day at nursery or school! For most parents this day signifies the first time their children are away from them, surrounded by new faces and coping with new routines. Adapting to these changes can be stressful on children and so it’s only natural to worry about how you and your child will cope!


Here are some tips that can help make this transition easier:


  1. The dramatic buildup

While its hard not to over play this huge milestone, its important to keep in mind that placing such a huge emphasis on the first day can make children anxious! Instead of building up their “FIRST DAY” as a new event, try to compare it to something familiar such as play dates. Choosing something familiar and assuring them that they will have fun like the other times before will put your child at ease.


  1. Bring along your happy face

While it’s absolutely normal to feel anxious on your child’s first day its important to try and to appear confident and happy. Anxiety is highly contagious! But if you appear happy and at ease about the transition chances are your child will pick up on these cues and in turn also be excited about this change.


  1. Time, time, time!

It is so important to give yourself and your child time. At Creative Nest Nursery we encourage parents to stick around on the first day. Having the parent present may encourage the child to explore their surroundings. Your goal should be to stay long enough to allow your child to feel secure so that the teacher may take over.  However, it is also important to not overstay as your child could come to expect it every time.


  1. Security blanket

Send your child’s favorite blanket, toy or bottle with them. This will give your child a sense of security and familiarity in a new environment. Chances are, after a few days when the child gets comfortable they’ll stop bringing it with them!


  1. Keep it short & sweet

When the time comes to say good-bye, remember to keep it short and sweet! Hold back the tears, give your child a hug and say a quick goodbye! Remember to reassure your child that you will be back. As hard as it may be to walk away while your child cries just remember that most likely your child will be playing happily with their classmates shortly after you leave.


  1. Fight the guilt

Just remember that you are not alone and that it is completely normal for your child to have a hard time adjusting to the separation. Keep in mind that soon your child will begin to look forward to their days at the nursery, seeing their classmates and taking part in all the classroom activities! Before you know it, you’ll probably have to deal with tears when its time to leave the nursery!


We wish everyone a great term 2!

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