The Perfect Goodbye Ideas for your Child’s Much-Loved Teacher

The Perfect Goodbye Ideas for your Child’s Much-Loved Teacher

The end of the academic year is a teary time for families and students, it’s a time of goodbyes and changes.

If you have enjoyed your experience during the year and want to thank your wonderful teacher, here are some suggestions (from a teacher who has been on the receiving end):

– A hand-written note or card with a genuine message from the heart from you and your child – these are the most meaningful (I have a collection from over the years that I will always keep).

– An artwork that your child has made. Perhaps a nice drawing in a frame or a decorated cup?

– A lovely bunch of flowers – a beautiful bunch of flowers can never go wrong

– A voucher for a spa – teachers often forget to take ‘me’ time and this is the perfect way to thank them for the extra love and hard work during the year.

– A gift chosen by your child based on their opinion of their teacher – sometimes these are really strange, like a chicken shaped mug, but it’s the thought and knowing it’s chosen by the child that counts.

– Perfume, you can never have enough perfumes and every time they wear that scent they will be reminded of you and your family.

– A personalised book, sit with your child and make a book for their teacher – perhaps each page could be something they liked about them or a memory with a drawing to match plus some photos from the year

– A lovely soy candle – something that again will remind them of you every time they use it.

– A teacher care package. Find a nice basket and fill it with some items just for your teacher. My favourite care packages include; tasty chocolate, bubble bath, a candle, a magazine or good book, a DIY facial packet, a notebook with matching pen, a cosy mug with some boutique tea or coffee and a nice note.

– and last but not least, take some time out of your busy day to stop by the classroom and personally thank the teacher, the assistant and the school administration and wish them a happy and safe summer.

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