Top 3 Brands for Toys on The Go

Top 3 Brands for Toys on The Go

We all have those moments as a parent. You want to talk to your friend for half an hour, but you have a child to contend with. Your little one is demanding attention but as you told him or her five minutes ago, you want just a little bit of adult time to converse with your other half. Well, gone are the days where you have to consider reaching for your phone or iPad. No, now there are so many other options available that screen time really doesn’t have to be the solution… ever!

We look at our top 3 brands that have come to our rescue and have created toys on the go, that are not messy, not dangerous, and are sure to curb the urge to whip out your phone…

Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug have specific “On the Go” toys for different ages. The Water Wow pads are fantastic reusable colouring pads (with no ink!) and provide hours of fun for young kids. The secret decoder is a entertaining activity book which has plenty of mysteries to solve for the slightly older child. They also have games such as hangman, a great choice if you have more than one child in tow.

Tiger Tribe

This brand specifically designs toys that are ideal for on the move amusement. They are compact, fun and very well designed. Their colouring packs come with stickers and pens, all in one neat folded book, and their sticker sets contain different scenes to decorate with stickers to colour in advance. Their magnet play sets are also creative and promote storytelling as your little one moves their characters around the scene.


This family business has grown into a massive kids brand that produces imaginative and fun toys for all ages. We love the step by step drawing cards for older children, the getting creative sticker animals, and the foil art pictures, all of which are ideal for kids on the go and are the perfect size to throw in your shopper before leaving the house.

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