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Top Edutainment Apps For Preschoolers

Top Edutainment Apps For Preschoolers

The children’s app space is getting jammed by the second. But with the suitable educational games – and they do exist – your children can quickly grasp concepts within their environment. And learn about the world around them in a fun, engaging way. From learning about animals & the underwater to state capitals and engineering. Apps for preschoolers is a great way to entertain them while giving them some educational benefits. Kids love these activities on their tablets because the animations are colorful & entertaining. We love that age where we as parents can still control the quality of screen time they get. 

We’ve listed below our top apps for preschoolers that have been approved by the harshest critics – mothers and preschoolers alike. 

These are the proper selection of fun, engaging, and informative apps for toddlers and young children. 

Top Apps For Preschoolers

Khan Academy Kids 

Teachers thoughtfully designed this award-winning app to guide young learners on a delightful journey through crucial skills. Such as in math, reading, phonics, writing, social-emotional development, and more. It includes thousands of lessons, activities, books, and age-appropriate games for preschool through second grade. With catchy songs and yoga videos, your littles will have fun moving, dancing. And getting the wiggles out. The best part is that it’s free!  

Zorbit’s Math Adventure

This space math adventure game is designed specifically for kids between 3 and 5. Kids get to help the peppy robot, Zorbit, and his pal get to planet Earth. While completing a math adventure based on the Common Core math Curriculum for preschool math – How cool is that? Kids have to complete each assignment and earn a star before moving on to the next one. Sticker rewards are everywhere to keep those little ones wanting more. 

ABC Mouse

Voted the number one app for home learning. The app covers reading and language arts, math, science, health, social studies, and music. Children get to develop their curiosity by learning through games, puzzles, printouts, and progressive trackers rewards. The best part is interactive field trips such as Interactive Zoo, farm, aquarium & more. 

Epic Kid’s Book & Reading 

A fun and kid-friendly instant digital library for kids up to age 12. This Interactive reading app fuels curiosity and builds confidence in reading. By letting kids explore their interests anytime; It also includes learning videos and audiobooks. 

The STEM Buddies App

The recently launched, STEM Buddies app provides children with interactive content that fuels their imagination. It engages them and helps them develop a lifelong love for learning with its fun and playful approach. It also provides offline activities like experiments to deepen the knowledge further. STEM Buddies app is also gender-neutral and appeals to both girls and boys. It is a chance for children to continue their learning outside the classroom!


Finally, Makooky is an Arabic interactive app for children up to 6 years. It offers stories, games, songs and beautiful illustrations to improve language and imagination. We love the Makooky app the most because it provides its stories in Classical Arabic. While also having the option of shifting between dialects such as Khaleeji, Egyptian and Lebanese. 

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