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#BookTok: The Top 10 Books on this Trend

#BookTok: The Top 10 Books on this Trend

Since covid-19, TikTok challenges have spread amongst children and parents widely. Some mums were more than happy to jump on some of these challenges with their children. Especially if those challenges were promoting good habits, like reading. And that is why all mums on TikTok are following #booktok. Because it encourages children to read. As it helps mums refresh their reading list. In case you are not on #booktok yet, you can learn here the trendiest and top books on booktok. Just keep on reading! 

Top BookTok Books for toddlers, teens and mums! 

What is BookTok? 

Before diving into those trendy books, some mums might not fully understand or know what BookTok is. Well, BookTok is a trend that spread on TikTok for people to share their favorite books. This trend was not only for adult books, but children books were a big part of it as well. If you want to check it out, download TikTok, create an account and search for #BookTok to know more about it. 

Top Books for Kids on BookTok

1| Write+Wipe Lets Practice Phonics

This is one of the top books for kids on BookTok. Why? Because learning phonics is a great way to help our kids develop their reading skills. Phonics teaches children the ability to listen carefully and identify the phonemes that make up each word. In other words, it will improve their listening skills and their ability to determine specifically the letters the word consists of. 

2| Pop-Up Birds 

Be a part of #booktok’s reading challenge and get this Pop-Up Birds book. Enjoy a great bonding time with your little ones by reading it to them. This book will catch both your and your kids’ attention. It shows many impressive birds in a fascinating way. Such as hummingbirds, pink flamingos, penguins and owls.

3| Peppa Pig: Stomp And Roar

Everyone’s favorite Peppa Pig shines in a fun and hilarious story for kids. Bring your little ones’ favorite characters to life and read them their fun adventures. This book has a lot of mystery, adventure and great discoveries. And that will keep your kids entertained and engaged fully! Get this book and help your kids develop their love for reading.

Top #Booktok Books for Teenagers

1| Shadow And Bone

Shadow and Bone is one of the most popular novels on #booktok for teenagers. It is a world filled with adventure and fantasy that will take your kids’ breath away. According to the New York Times, this novel became one of the top best-selling books for teenagers. And by 2021, it became a popular series with a 7.6 rating on IMDB. So, what are you waiting for? Get this exciting novel for your teenagers!

2| We Were Liars

If you have a teenager who loves drama and unraveling secrets, then you must get him or her this book. This exciting novel is by E. Lockhart about the Sinclair family. Who are wealthy and apparently perfect. But this illusion falls down when many hidden secrets are revealed. Teenagers will love this novel as they might relate to it a lot.

3| The Cruel Prince

Teenagers on TikTok approve of this novel. Why? Because it has all the suspense elements they are looking for in a novel. Also, they love the hardships and challenges the protagonist faces. Holly Black, a bestselling author, wrote a great story that stimulates the reader’s imagination.

Top #BookTok Books for Mums

1| The Midnight Library

Every mum deserves her own time to do something she loves. And if reading is what you love, then you must check out this trendy book. This is a novel that has all the suspense and excitement you need for a good summer reading. Freshen up your summer reading list with this bestselling novel and popular book at #BookTok for adults.

2| The Unhoneymooners

If you are looking for a good summer vacation book, then this is the one. Enjoy the humor, explore the charms, and lose yourself in the unexpected events. This novel follows the lives of two identical twin sisters; Olive and Ami. Poor Olive is always unlucky, whereas Ami is so lucky it might make you actually hate her. Explore what happens when the tables are turned!

3| The Hating Game 

You cannot miss this best-selling hilarious romantic comedy novel. It is truly a treat of lighthearted humor and classic romance. This novel is perfect for fans of Christina Lauren’s Unhoneymooners or Beach Read by Emily Henry. Add this book to your reading list to enjoy a book that is filled with fun and romance.