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How I Used the Bell in Potty Training my Daughter?

How I Used the Bell in Potty Training my Daughter?

Potty training a girl after 3 boys is something new. This is the story of my little girl’s potty training journey. It is also about the struggles I faced because I moved to a new country.

I am blessed with 4 children, with all the challenges that come with it. I accepted this phase of my life with a big heart, open arms and a great will to excel. 4 years ago when we made the move and decided to settle in Canada. I was terrified being in a new country with my children especially that my husband decided to stay in Amman for a year to settle his work and then join us. 

Being away from home, from friends, family members, support, was a huge burden. My youngest daughter was 10 months old by that time. Her siblings were 10, 9 and 7. My children were always been my greatest help and support, even with a nanny, they always did their chores. But my 10 months old munchkin was a different story, she just started crawling and about to start walking.

And guess what? Soon she’s going to need potty training!

Potty training is not really my passion nor was sitting for hours in front of a baby who doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about! Waiting for nature to take its course! With my older kids I always left this ugly job to the nanny. Sitting on the knees for hours waiting for a surprise with my knee injury wasn’t a picnic ride for me. Now that I am on my own, I had to figure out a way to make things easier. I thought to myself at least being away from family members and the pressure that comes from their endless questions and comments when they keep asking me:

  • Is she clean yet?”
  • Is she diaper free?”
  • isn’t she big enough to stop using diapers?”
  • What are you waiting for? She’s already 14 months!
  • My kids where all potty trained before their 1st birthday!

I thought to myself thank God I am away!

I could just tell them that YES she is potty trained and they will never know. Still another challenge is the budget you need for diapers and baby wipes! The pack is almost $50, that is $100 a month! So I needed to act fast.

I never used a potty, always straight on the seat.

With my older kids it took them 4-6 months to be potty trained and diaper free, and by their 2nd birthday they were diaper free. With my youngest I decided to take my time, give her the time to grow enough to realize what I am asking her. And I came up with an idea, it was Christmas time and we had this small Santa bell that she used to love and always wanted to ring. She was 26months, and can understand what I ask from her. 

So, I placed the bell in the bathroom in front of the seat and asked my older kids if they decide to use the bathroom to always ring the bell when they flush. And you can imagine a house of 6, using the bathroom in the morning and each ringing the bell, it was like Christmas morning forever! Being the curious baby she is, she wanted to ring the bell as well, so I told her if you do either #1 or #2 you can ring the bell after you flush. 

And what a smart child!! She got the message and whenever I take her to the bathroom she will keep her eyes on the bell and stays on the seat until she does it, and of course the smile on her face when she rings the bell shined my day every time. By July she was fully trained and diaper free. Now she is 5 years old and not a single accident.

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