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10 Stroller Accessories Every Mum Needs

10 Stroller Accessories Every Mum Needs

Preparing for your newborn baby means taking care of every little detail no matter how small. One of the most important things that most mums forget are stroller accessories. You might stop and wonder, why would I need them? Well, there are lots of accessories for your little one’s stroller that help you stay hands free or they simply keep your little angel safe and comfy. And if you are wondering which stroller accessories you need, we gathered the top 10 accessories that every mum needs.

What Stroller Accessories to Get?

1| Footmuffs

“What is a footmuff?” – many mums ask. Well, a footmuff is a stroller accessory that keeps babies cozy and covered when they are in their strollers. A footmuff has no age limits. It will be good for little kids from birth till they stop getting in a stroller. They are wonderful to keep your little baby protected and covered when going out for a walk or a shopping spree. A good footmuff needs to be made of high quality ultra soft material. This is important to keep your little one’s soft skin protected and safe. Along with material, you need a footmuff that is a good size for your child and one that is also durable. To make your life even easier, you need one that is easy to both use and clean. And that is why we love BABYZEN YOYO’s Footmuff as it is all that and more.

2| Stroller Hooks

Did you ever find yourself with so many shopping bags and no empty hands to push the stroller? We have all been there! That is why we LOVE stroller hooks. Not only do they help you keep your hands free, but they carry the weight off of you. They are also great not just for shopping bags, but your own bag and your little one’s diaper bag as well. Alameda’s rotating stroller hooks are very sturdy and they swivel at 360 degrees to your convenience.

3| Stroller Organizer

A stroller organizer is a little pouch that can hold things you need quick access to. We love this organizer from SkipHop because it fits perfectly and easily on your stroller’s handle bar. It also has adjustable straps, a stretching insulated drink holder, and an opening or a headphone cord.

4| Bumble & Bird’s Buggy Board

A buggy board offers a second seat for your older child on your stroller. It is an extra safe seat that can be attached to your stroller. This one easily fits almost all prams and strollers. In addition, it can be installed on the stroller in a single-click connection and with just one hand, thanks to an exclusive connection system! This one is a very comfortable, safe and easy to use choice.

5| Seat pad

A seat pad is one of the great stroller accessories that protects your baby when on a stroller. A thermal seat pad is very useful both summer and winter as it balances your baby’s body temperature. A plus side, it keep the stroller clean and makes it easier to clean.

6| Umbrella

Unlike common belief, an umbrella is not just for winter and rain. If you are living in a place like Dubai, where the sun shines all year round, then you need it just as well. This Mickey Mouse umbrella protects your little one from sunlight when going on a walk in the parks of Dubai on a nice sunny day. It can be easily installed on strollers as it has a universal locking mechanism.

7| Protective Cover

Stroller covers are very efficient for protecting children in strollers from either direct sunlight or rain. This cover is designed to protect your little one against direct UV sun rays, light, wind, and dust. You cannot do without when living in the GCC. It is also very convenient as it can be installed on Cybex stroller, the GB Pockit and Pockit Air, the Bugaboo Bee stroller, the Mountain Buggy Nano and the Joie Pact.

8| A phone holder

Did you ever lose your phone while pushing the stroller? Did you hear it ring but couldn’t tell where is it? Or did you drop it constantly trying to hold it while also pushing the stroller? We bet the answers are yes, yes, and yes. Well, you will never experience this again with this stroller phone holder. It can be easily installed on the stroller’s handlebar. Also, the soft and anti-slip rubber base plate prevents your phone from sliding off or getting scratched. Isn’t that just great!

9| Snack Tray

This one is for older little children in strollers. It is great for quick and on the go stroller snacks. It can be also useful to hold your little one’s feeding bottle, sippy cup, or toy. This snack tray is compatible with Reis stroller and Gaan stroller.

10| Little toys

Those little toys that can be hung from your little one’s stroller are both adorable and useful. They keep little ones busy and entertained while they are in their strollers. Trust us, there will be no more fuss when you get the right stroller toy!