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5 tips to help potty train your little one.

5 tips to help potty train your little one.

Potty training is different for every child, sometimes its really easy and comes naturally and for others its more difficult, however, its important to keep trying to potty train and encourage your little one because let’s face it – they cant stay in nappies forever.

Try one or all of these top five tips to will make potty training easier:

1- Be consistent and keep track of the time.

This is the most important thing to remember when you start potty training, set a reminder on your phone and take your child to the potty every 30 minutes and let them sit for a few minutes each time. This will help you to catch them when they need to go.

2- Swap to proper underwear instead of pull ups.

A big part of toilet training is a child recognising when they need to go to the potty, this happens when they notice they have had an accident and are wet. I know it means extra spare clothes and washing but it will be much faster in the long run than using pull ups.

3-Encourage but do not bribe.

This is a child led process and forcing them will not teach them about when to go to the potty but rather make you the leader. Make sure you encourage them (even if they have a toileting accident) and that you praise them, so they know that it is a positive thing.

4-Involve them in the process

Let them choose their own “big kid” underwear and potty, this will give them a feeling of ownership over the toilet training journey and give them some control in the situation. Plus, who doesn’t love getting to wear underwear with your favorite character or color on it?

5-Make going to the toilet normal.

Once they realize that mummy, daddy and even big brother or sisters go to the toilet, they will want to be part of the crowd too! Talk to them about how you are going to try go to the toilet before going out just in case and perhaps they could too. This helps them feel like they aren’t alone!

A few must haves to help you potty train your little one