Potty Training. What you need, and need to know.

Potty Training. What you need, and need to know.

Once you have a toddler who is not only walking, but beginning to string sentences together, and seemingly fully grasped the concept of saying “No” to almost every request you know that soon enough it’s going to be time for potty training. 

Here’s our biggest piece of advice: Don’t rush it. 

Once you feel you and your little one are ready to take the plunge into the world of potty training, we suggest that you get well equipt for ultimate success. 

First of all talk to your child, they have a much broader understanding that we often give them credit for and usually by the 2-3-year old mark they are often already voicing when they are doing their business in their nappy which is a good sign.

Clothing – Try to have loose clothing as it makes it easy to manage when “I need to go ” situations occur — skirts or dresses for girls and loose-fitting pants or shorts for boys. 

Some people say its best to go cold turkey and put children straight into normal pants but if you want peace of mind that you won’t be dealing with accidental puddles everywhere, try to use Pull-Ups and Trainer pants which are fantastic as they can still be pulled up and down like regular pants. They are great for nighttime too, as it may take a lot longer to be dry during the night. 

Potties –  There are some excellent options available now, many with lots of fun features which can enhance the experience of potty training, however, the most important thing is that you choose one with a good fit for your child.  When it comes to the size, the right size seat will let your child’s bottom rest comfortably and solidly on the seat, with feet firmly on the floor.

Toilet Seats– There are some great removable seats and fixed seats that you can use once your little one gets brave enough to start using the big toilet and the footstools are great to help them get up, have these ready to go as a transition. 

Out and About – Venturing out for the first few days after the initial training days can be quite daring. There are some great products to ensure you have something for your little one if they can’t manage the big toilet.  The Potette Plus if also fab as you can use it with individual bags if there is no access to a toilet or you can use it as a trainer seat on any toilet!

Encouragement and Rewards – Books, stickers, and treats are a great way to encourage your little one, and as we have heard from Super Grany Andalene Salveson this is one of the few times where she allows parents to offer sugary treats for success! 

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