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7 Tips to Help Your Kids Build a Strong Sibling Bond

7 Tips to Help Your Kids Build a Strong Sibling Bond

Siblings usually have 2 speeds: they either are besties or rivals. Sometimes, your kids would get along perfectly for hours. Other times, they will fight and scream over anything. Experts suggest that this fighting is probably because of jealousy or competitiveness. Either way, it is completely normal for your kids to have a couple quarrels on a daily basis. Does that mean you cannot do anything? Of course not. Here you will learn 7 tips and ideas to help your kids build a strong sibling bond. 

How to help my kids build a strong sibling bond? 

1| Avoid comparisons. 

Some mums tend to ask one sibling to be like the other out of setting a role model. But using words like “why won’t you do your chores like your brother!” can cause more damage than good. Avoid comparisons at all costs, because if you don’t, your kids will not get along together at all. As they might hate or be jealous of one another. Comparing one child to his or her sibling will often lead to holding grudges and starting up fights. So, our advice to you is to be equal. Simply praise positive behavior and reinforce it and point out negative behaviors and ban it. 

2| Encourage teamwork. 

Encouraging your kids’ teamwork is very important. Not only will it help them build a strong sibling bond. But it will help their social skills with friends and at school as well. You can do so by assigning group chores to your kids. Like cleaning their bedroom together, or helping each other setting the table for dinner. Also, reward your kids when they are playing peacefully together. Or when your older boy helps his little sister. Rewarding good behavior reinforces it and turns it into good habits that are long lasting. 

3| Understand their differences. 

Some mums think that their kids are one unit. Forgetting that each of them have their own unique and individual personality, character, and needs. It is important for us as mums to realize those differences and accommodate their needs. Being fair with your kids and treating them equally is important. But that does not mean to overlook or ignore their own personal needs or likes and dislikes. When you do so, your kids will feel understood, loved, and well cared for. And this will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere at home. 

4| Set ground rules. 

Setting ground rules for everyone helps your kids treat each other better. Those ground rules should include mutual respect, sharing, and respecting each other’s privacy. In addition, those rules help guide your kids on how to treat each other. Thus reducing fights, tantrums, and arguments. Moreover, such rules are there to reinforce positive behaviors. As well as creating a strong sibling bond based on love, compassion, respect, and kindness. 

5| Don’t get involved in the drama. 

Rule number one when you kids are in a fight: do not take anyone’s side. Always remain unbiased and uninvolved in those arguments between your kids. All you have to do is keep an eye on them, make sure no one is bullying or hurting the other. And guide them to reaching a fair solution from a distance. 

6| Listen to your kids equally. 

If your kids come to you complaining about their siblings, do not turn them away. Sit privately and listen to everything they have to say, no matter how negative that is. Acknowledge their feelings and let them blur out everything they feel. Once they are done, assure them that you understand them. Then encourage them to positively communicate those feelings to their siblings. Also, encourage them to forgive and forget. This will help your kids communicate better. Which will give them a greatly strong sibling bond that will only get stronger as they grow old. 

7| Show your kids love and kindness. 

Children always mirror their parents. Therefore, it is important to always show your kids love, kindness, respect, understanding, and compassion. Because eventually, they will mirror those positive communication means when dealing with their siblings. So, be a positive role model for your kids. 

Toys to help your kids build a strong sibling bond

Toys and games are always great in bringing your kids together. Here are some great choices for a fun family game night

1| Trivial Pursuit

This version of the Trivial Pursuit game reflects the culture and trends that were popular from 2010 to 2020. So, test your knowledge along with your kids’ for a fun and exciting game night!

2| Mega Jumbling Tower

Have your kids test their steadiness of hand and carefulness with this awesome Mega Jumbling Tower.

3| Snakes & Ladders

It is always best to go classic when you don’t know which game to pick for game night. Snakes and ladders, or shoots and ladders is one of best exciting games for your kids to enjoy.

4| Klask 4

KLASK 4 features the gameplay of KLASK, but within a round playing area with four goals so that four players can compete at the same time. It is perfect to play with family and friends and will surely provide endless hours of fun.

5| Mini Jackaroo

Jackaroo is one of the most entertaining games ever. The objective of Jackaroo board game goes much more in preventing your opponent’s marbles from reaching their safe area. Where you build teasing techniques with your team members and tease your opponent with lot of funny tricks.