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Top 5 Family Games for Quality Family Bonding

Top 5 Family Games for Quality Family Bonding

When it comes to quality family time, it doesn’t get better than good old-fashioned afternoon family games. A long-loved tradition in my household, playing games with your kids can teach them a number of important lessons.

What are the benefits of playing games with my kids?

  • – They can finally put their devices away!
  • – Your family will communicate with one another.
  • – Your kids will learn important lessons like sharing, accepting loss, and abiding by the rules.
  • – Family quality time.
  • – Everyone will have a good time!

Despite the very busy lives we lead, try to set aside time for family bonding. Together, choose what games you could play so that everyone is involved and has a say. Children need to have a strong sense of family, and playing games together helps foster that.

Fun games to play with your children

Below are my go-to favourites, as a child and now secretely as an adult!

Merchant Ambassador-Code Breaker

This is a game that can last hours simply because it is so enjoyable. Children quickly learn how to play and how to use different strategies to break the code. It’s great to play as a group as you can cheer and support the ‘codebreaker’ (especially for younger players), and challenge older players to solve it themselves. It is guaranteed to enhance your problem-solving capabilities and get you thinking!

Mattel Games-Stackspell

This is a fun time spelling game that encourages you to think outside the box and use a range of vocabulary to get your stack to the top! The more words you spell, the higher your stack! It is great for the whole family to play together and will have you laughing in no time as you struggle to spell the words with the available letters. This game is sure to provide hours of fun while building and enhancing your child’s vocabulary!

Multi-Level Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a wonderful family game that can be adapted for all ages. This 3 dimensional version is a spin-off the world classic game enjoyed for years. I love it because you can enjoy a game with only two players or a game with lots of players. Assemble the game together with your children and their anticipation will peak! They’ll also learn to take turns, count and play by the rules.

Mattel Games-Uno Clipstrip

Uno is the ultimate family game. It’s easily adaptable as you change the rules to your liking, easy to take with you virtually anywhere, and provides younger kids with learning opportunities (colours, numbers, matching). Uno encourages children to concentrate for longer periods of time, teaching them to stay focused! It’s also incredibly fun and easy to take with you anywhere!

Mindset-Wooden Stacker Jenga Game

One of the most classic family games, this game is suitable for children and adults of all ages! It is quite simple to play; pull the bricks from the bottom to stack them and increase the height of the Jenga tower! Watch as the excitement builds as you carefully extract a block and avoid crashing the whole tower! This game is bound to teach your kids patience, cognitive thinking and caution! You’ll all erupt with laughter when someone accidentally collapses everything on their turn!