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7 Ways to Enjoy Your Own Backyard with Your Kids

7 Ways to Enjoy Your Own Backyard with Your Kids

Although restrictions are easing up a bit in the UAE and KSA and schools are open again, we still believe that children can enjoy their time away from crowded public places and in the safety of their backyard. So whether they love to play sports or prefer planting flowers or watching birds, we have lots of ideas to get your kids off that sofa and out that door! Especially with the days getting colder.

We hope that with a bit of effort and positivity, our children will remember this year, as the best year of their life!

Get Wet

Whether running around sprinklers or having a crazy balloon fight, children love to get wet! Inflatable pools or waterslides are perfect for splashing around the garden. Our top picks of water play products are the Blobzter Water Slide 

We love how kids can enjoy a fast ride, while landing safely on their tummy or whatever their imagination allows them to land on J

Attach it to the garden hose and watch them go wild. The best part? you can join in on the fun too mama.

Another option for younger children is the Intex – Candy Zone Play Center ideal for a Friday family barbecue. It can keep them entertained for quite some time while you get to relax for a day

Get Creative

Washable chalk graffiti or window paint such as Crayola Anti Dust Chalk or Masha Window Chalk is an exciting approach in allowing children to express their feelings and explore their creativity! Even hosing it down later in experience by itself – giggles guaranteed.

In a Digital Age, Go Old School in your own backyard

Give your child a glimpse of your own childhood memories, you know, that brief time before screens took over!

Here’s a brief flashback: Dance Freeze, Hopscotch, Catch, Hide and Seek

Tag, Marbles, Tug of War, Egg-Spoon Race and the Hoola Hoop Contest

Get Messy with Sand

Allow your child to dig that hole in the sand or play with mud. Getting messy is fun! You can set up your sandbox at home or you can also replace sand with beans or rice. But if you prefer avoiding getting those little shoes dirty, you can check out this super cool  Naturally Playful Sand Table  it also comes with a lid molded into railroads for double the fun!

Plant your own backyard garden

Gardening is a brilliant way to teach children about plants and what they require to live and grow. Giving them their indoor garden to look after also encourages them to care for another life all while putting their gross motor skills to good use. There are loads of indoor gardening kits such as this cute little gardening kit from Pikkaboo 

Play backyard sports together

Playing sports outdoors as a family is great to spend quality time together and a practical way for a busy mama to squeeze in a quick cardio J  you can alternate between soccer, basketball, and raquette ball. Kids can assemble their obstacle course from things you already have at home, such as garden planters or house buckets. With a bit of help from “mummy” smaller kids, can draw their very own obstacle course using colored chalk indoors or paper tape.

If you are worried about having your soccer goal filling up all your backyard space check out this foldable portable one available at Mumzworld

Camp under the stars

Place a teepee tent in your garden or balcony such as this KidKraft  or Home Canvas while the weather still allows it.  There’s such a cute collection of teepee tents available at Mumzworld for you to choose from. You can also place two chairs back to back, next to each other and cover them with an old bed sheet to create a basic tent.  This could become your child’s little camping or reading corner in the outdoors, hand them a flashlight and the rest will follow J

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