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Getting Gifts for Kids: How to Do It Right?

Getting Gifts for Kids: How to Do It Right?

The holiday season is upon us. And naturally, we will be getting our kids plenty of amazing gifts. No matter what the occasion is, getting gifts for your kids is something amazing. Watching the joy on their faces as they open their gift is just too precious. But when getting gifts for kids, how can we do it right? Over-gifting and over praising can have massive side effects. How can we avoid turning our kids into “spoiled kids”? You will find all the answers here! 

Getting Gifts for Kids: How to Do It Right? 

Surely, getting gifts for kids is one of the most joyous experiences ever. It makes both parents, and their kids feel great. In addition, there are plenty of occasions where we, as parents, feel the urge to get our kids something special. Like the holidays, their birthdays, doing their chores, or getting an A at school. Moreover, there are plenty of gift ideas that we know our kids love. Such as candies, new toys, and sometimes just cash would do the trick. 

While all of this is a wonderful way to show our kids love, some experts do not support it quite much. They believe that this ties love with materialistic things. It conveys to kids that the more materialistic things they get, the more they are loved. Which is not what we want to teach our kids. Some parents, especially mums, shower their kids with gifts out of guilt. Working mums feel so guilty for being busy with their kids that they make it up to them with gifts. Furthermore, it can have massive negative effects on how kids understand money and finances. So, showering kids with gifts is not something that parents should always resort to. 

Too many gifts equal temper tantrums. 

If you keep getting new toys for your kids on every occasion, or whenever you feel guilty, it will backfire. Having too many toys will distract kids, thus impairing their concentration. It also can turn them into neglecting kids who do not value what they already have. Many studies show that spoiling kids with gifts constantly will not make them happy. But it will make them spoiled. And spoiled kids are hard to please as they will throw temper tantrums whenever they don’t get what they want. 

Therefore, when getting gifts for kids, make sure to connect it with moral values. Encourage your kids to take care of their stuff. Also, don’t go for big gifts and brand-new toys for every occasion. But go for small and simple things for encouragement or day-to-day achievements. Keep in mind, we are not against getting big gifts for your kids. But we are advising to go simple and keep the big guns for big days only, like birthdays and major holidays. 

Things to keep in mind when getting gifts for kids

1. Gifts are not an alternative for bonding moments. 

Gifts should not always be tangible. The best gift parents can give their kids these days is quality bonding time. While new toys will make your child happy for a few hours, quality family time will bond you forever. So, instead of buying new toys, plan a family day. Like going to the beach, arcade, or a fun road trip. If you live in Dubai, there are plenty of places to go with your family for a fun bonding time. Such as Global Village, Ski Dubai, the top of Burj Khalifa, and much more! 

2. Choose long term gifts. 

Teach your kids values and lessons when getting them gifts. For instance, if you are giving them money – set some rules on how to spend it, such as: 

  • – Spend only 20% as they please. 
  • – Save 30% of it for later, like 5 months or a year. 
  • – Save up 50% for something long term. 

When you do so, not only are you getting a gift for your kids. But you are teaching them how to spend and save money. Those financial lessons will definitely last them a lifetime! 

3. Teach kids charity and generosity. 

Before getting a brand-new gift for your kids, encourage them to donate some of their old ones to those in need. Also, have your kids pick whether to get a new toy or donate the money to charity. Surprisingly, in a social experiment where kids choose between a new toy or donating money to other kids. Most of them chose to donate the money. So, your kids might just do the same. This will teach them great values of selflessness and giving. Of course, we advise you to do something fun with your kids if they do so. Like reading a book together or cooking a meal together. 

4. Show your own appreciation and gratitude. 

In certain situations, sweet and loving words are better than a thousand gifts. Many experts and psychologists urge parents to shower their kids with words like the following is better than any other material gift:

  • – “I’m proud of you”
  • – “Thank you”
  • – “Well done!”

5. Don’t overspend.

Always set budgets when it comes to buying gifts for your kids and stick to them. As parents, we often want to go out of our way to make our kids happy. But overspending will do no good for you nor your kids. Keep in mind, your kids are in need of your love and support more than anything else. And as long as you are providing them with that, you are excelling at parenting!