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A Diet for Breastfeeding Mums to Hit Their Goal Weight

A Diet for Breastfeeding Mums to Hit Their Goal Weight

Having a newborn baby is an undescribed joy. But every mum struggles with her weight after childbirth. You might find it hard to follow a diet that helps you lose your baby weight while also helping you breastfeed your little newborn baby. Unfortunately, there are many diets that negatively influence your breastfeeding and you definitely do not want that. Worry not and do not lose hope. We have gathered up all you need to breastfeed your newborn while also reaching your goal weight. 

Breastfeeding can help you get your goal weight

First of all let us divide your weight loss journey after childbirth to three main phases. The first one is your baby’s weight and the placenta’s weight. This phase is the easiest as your body drops the weight immediately after you deliver your baby. The second phase is losing the built up liquids and fluids which your body stored during your pregnancy. Losing those fluids usually happens a couple months after childbirth. So it is also easy and your body kind of does it itself. As for the final phase, which is the most challenging one, it is losing the fats stored during your pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, the body tends to store more fats than usual for two main reasons. One, is to prepare for baby delivery. And two, is to use it as a source to produce milk for breastfeeding. Your body might take up to around six months to use those stored fats in producing milk for your newborn baby. In other words, your body will be burning those fats while you breastfeed your baby. 

So, and despite what many believe, breastfeeding can actually help you get to your goal weight after childbirth. Breastfeeding mums burn 300 to 500 calories a day when they breastfeed their newborn babies. That is with you eating right and healthy as you need. 

What should mums eat while breastfeeding? 

Many people advise breastfeeding mums to eat many sugary and high calorie foods. That is not entirely right. Mums only need around 300 calories a day in the first six months after childbirth to keep their milk going. There are many health foods that help with the secretion of milk that breastfeeding mums should include in their diet. 

1| Diary 

Experts recommend having 2 – 3 cups of milk or yogurt a day. Breastfeeding mums can turn to low calorie dairy products for their weight loss journey. 

2| Protein 

Fish, chicken, and meat are important in every diet. They are the main source of protein you need for your body. When you are breastfeeding, it is best to take around 90 – 120 grams of whatever protein source you prefer. Experts recommend having fish twice a week as it contains omega 3 and many other essential nutrients. 

3| Carbs 

Many mums turn to cutting carbs to lose weight after childbirth. But the truth is, carbs are essential to secreting milk. There are many healthy carbs that breastfeeding mums can take in their diet like sweet potatoes and whole grain bread. Keep in mind that it is not wise to cut out carbs completely before six months of childbirth. 

4| Fruits and vegetables

It is important to have fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Especially the ones that have a lot of vitamin A like apricots, carrots, and bell peppers. 

5| Water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things breastfeeding mums must do. Liquids and water are very essential for the secretion of milk. Drink up to 3 liters of water daily to keep your body hydrated and your milk flowing. 

6| Nuts 

Include a handful of raw and unsalted nuts in your diet while breastfeeding. This makes the milk you provide your newborn baby healthier and keeps you fuller for long periods of time. 

Reasons why you might gain weight during breastfeeding

If you gain weight during breastfeeding, then it must have to do with your diet. Like consuming high calorie foods or sugars more than you should. It is a common mistake that these foods increase the secretion of milk. Also, many breastfeeding mums have higher urges to eat sugary foods. This has to do with hydration. So, the more you drink water the less urges to eat sugary foods you have. 

Furthermore, many breastfeeding mums eat recklessly when they feel hungry. It is normal to feel constantly hungry as you are breastfeeding. But it does not mean to eat unhealthy or high calorie foods. The best thing to do here is to choose wisely. These foods are high in nutrients, fibers, and help you feel full for long periods of time: 

  • – oatmeal 
  • – nuts
  • – sesame seeds 
  • – fennel 
  • – carrots 
  • – apricots, fresh or dried 
  • – greens, like arugula and spinach 
  • – yellow squash 
  • – dates
  • – hummus 
  • – dairy products
  • – water and herbal teas

Finally, breastfeeding is indeed a great way to hit your goal weight after childbirth. It will consume the calories built up within your body for when you are pregnant. But be careful what to eat, and what not to.