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Effectively Encouraging Motor Skill Development

There are many things we can do to positively promote appropriate development of both gross and fine motor skills in young children. But first of all, we need to understand why exactly these skills are so essential. Fine motor development refers to the development of coordination of small muscles, usually involving the synchronization of the ...
Why is Sensory Play Important For Your Kid?

Rachel O’Leary - Nursery Manager Sensory play is any activity that stimulates young children’s senses. Children use their senses to enable them to explore the world around them, from touching to tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing, by encouraging the development of these senses through organised and varying play activities, we can better ensure that the ...
Why Is Routine Important For Kids?

A good routine helps to make up the foundations of any harmonious family setting. Not only does it offer a sense of security, but also provides us with a way in which to get things done! Young children often become fearful of the unknown, whether it be a new veggie to try or even moving […]