Is “no nappy” Time Really Worth it? Yes!

Is “no nappy” Time Really Worth it? Yes!

Letting your bub have time each day without a nappy (diaper) on, is becoming a big trend. However, no nappy time is nothing new; it’s been recommended by Early Childhood Specialists for many years. 

A lot of people are getting hooked on ‘no nappy’ time because of the elimination communication method – an alternative toilet training trend. However, I recommend no nappy time for a completely different reason.  I am not bothered by how you want to toilet train your child (each to their own). Rather, I know that having ‘no nappy’ time each day is really important for development.

Imagine living your life as an adult with a nappy on 24-7, the added constriction of having a wad of material surrounding your legs and hips. It would be frustrating, uncomfortable and would just get in the way of you walking around. If you wouldn’t like it, why would your baby? So let’s chat about the benefits and how to make the most of it.


–    Babies can move their legs and torso around without any restrictions – this means they can fully develop the right gross motor skills for their age

–    It lets the skin breathe. Due to the nature of nappies – moisture is often surrounding sensitive skin leading to bacteria and rashes. When bub has time to air out down there, the bacteria is reduced, and nappy rashes have time to heal.

–    Bubs naturally feel more confident without a nappy on – often it is during these times that they experience a ‘first’ like rolling or crawling.

–    Babies love it – who doesn’t like a bit of freedom?

–    Your bub can wiggle, move around and get a huge amount of sensory input from the world around them.

–    Having tummy time while wearing the nappy can raise the new baby’s hips, creating an unnatural curve in their spine – the easy solution? Take the nappy off

–    It’s natural

How can you manage this without it becoming a huge mess?

–    Think about timing, if you have just changed a dirty nappy – you are likely to be good to go for some nappy free time

–    Be prepared, have towels on hand and wet wipes just in case

–    Lay bub on one of these fantastic Quick Dry Mattress Protectors or Breeze Waterproof Playard Sheet, so that any little mess will be quickly absorbed and can be popped in the washing machine for an easy cleanup

–    Use a Rudie Nudie Playmat 

–    Let bub lay on their back, side or tummy – even once they start to crawl.

–    Embrace the fact that parenting isn’t always glamorous and that whatever happens, it’s all-natural.

Another fun activity to do while clothes and nappies are off is to get messy! Let your baby explore baby safe paint (lots of easy to make paint recipes online), ice cubes or even jelly. Your baby will enjoy the sensory aspect of exploring the feeling of something new on their skin, and you can encourage this by popping some on their tummy or back. 

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