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9 Budgeting Ideas for Large Families

9 Budgeting Ideas for Large Families

Having a large family can be an amazing experience. But shopping for one can be very challenging. It might be more expensive, time consuming, and you might get stuff that you don’t really need. And that is why you need a budget. We bet that you searched ways to make this easier. Well, to end your frustration, we got 7 great budgeting ideas when you are shopping for your large families. 

Great Budgeting Ideas for Large Families

1| First, create a budget. 

Before using a budget, you have to create one, right? This requires you to sit down, grab a pen and paper and start writing it all down. We recommend having a notebook designated for this. In addition, when setting a budget, you need to know how much money is coming in, how much is going out, and how much can we save? Your budget can be very flexible as priorities change monthly. Moreover, your budget limits depend on your income and whether you have debts. As the more debt you have, the tighter your budget must be. Keep in mind, creating a budget with your husband will help you set it better. 

Now that your budget is set, make sure to stick to it. Do not overspend, overbuy, or go over your budget. This can be challenging if you are not used to sticking to a budget. But restrain yourself and it will become easier with time. In fact, the more you do it, the more you master it. 

2| Be realistic. 

This is our second favorite budgeting ideas. Having a big family is expensive, there is no way around it. Therefore, you have to be frugal. How? By finding alternatives that help you save money rather than spending it. For example, instead of going to the arcades, make your own family game night at home. And rather than eating out, make a big family dinner that everyone contributes to. This will help you save money as well as building great family bonding and traditions. 

3| Take advantage of sales. 

Most grocery stores do their sales over and over again. Keep track of those sales, and plan restocking on groceries around them. You will get great deals doing so and save a ton of money. Tracking stores with sales is the golden rule when it comes to smart grocery shopping. Also, some stores use a point system and give out awards, make sure to sign up and take advantage of that. Dubai’s Carrefour has this system, and you can get a lot of rewards out of it. 

4| Buy in bulk. 

Shopping in bulk is amazing for big families. Especially when it comes to regularly used items, like toilet paper or cleaning supplies. You can also buy snacks or juices in bulk to pack for your kids’ school lunch bag. That will be a real money saver. However, make sure you really need those items. Because you don’t want to be stuck with something that no one uses. 

5| Don’t be afraid to say “no”.

Kids have a zillion requests, and sometimes those requests are out of your budget. Saying yes one time to an unnecessary purchase will eventually snowball. Saying yes for one child means saying yes to the rest. Therefore, do not be afraid to say no, no matter how bad the nagging gets. If this issue comes up everytime you go shopping, we recommend you do it alone. This will help you avoid the drama and the hassle. 

6| Consider secondhand clothes. 

Kids grow out of clothes quickly. And sometimes they stop wearing certain clothes for no reason at all. That is why going with secondhand clothes is a better idea than buying brand new clothes. Look for an affordable and good quality consignment shop around you. In addition, save your baby clothes for younger siblings. This is way better than buying the same onesies or jammies over and over and wasting your money. 

7| Find smart family activities. 

When you have a big family, you have to look for cheap or free entertainment for kids. Most large cities have a variety of free family activities that kids love. For instance, if you are living in Dubai, you can go catch the Dubai Fountain Show. Or you can pack up a picnic and spend a day on the beach. In addition, look for free parks near you. You can visit those parks regularly with your family. Finally, there are many places that give free entry for kids of certain ages. Or they offer coupons and discounts for big families. So, make sure to track them and plan a fun time for your family. 

8| Focus on quality for long term items. 

Always consider quality when shopping. Cheaper is not always better as you might end up replacing it soon and spending twice the amount of money. This mostly applies to big items like towels, bedsheets, winter coats, etc. So, spending a little extra on something that will last you a really long time is a smart move. As long as you don’t go over your budget. 

9| Be creative in making money. 

Even if your income is covering all your expenses. It is still a good idea to find creative ways to make a little extra cash. How? Well for starters, consider selling old clothes that you don’t need anymore. Or basically selling anything that is just clutter laying around in your house. Like a stroller that you will no longer need. If you are a stay-at-home mum, you can find an online job to do from home. Finally, you can arrange little jobs for your kids like babysitting or mowing lawns. This is one of the best budgeting ideas because it will help you make money!