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Back to School Anxiety with Dr. Paul Gelston

Maintaining Family resilience in the covid-19 times was a struggle for all Mums. In this video, Dr. Paul Gelston will explain how normal it is for all parents. He will help us learn how to manage our anxiety as Mums to be able to support our children who are anxious about going back to school in covid times.

Why are we talking about this? 

First of all, this is an important matter to discuss. Back to school anxiety can create a big barrier between our kids and their education. Many parents are afraid their kids will fall behind, or that they will suffer emotionally. And that is why Dr. Paul Gelston is shedding the light on this. 

Signs that your child has back to school anxiety 

We can divide those signs into four categories: 

1| Emotional

Like they would show signs of anger, or denial. They would be easily irritated and be in a bad mood more than usual around the time to go back to school.

2| Behavioral 

It starts with things like losing their appetite or not sleeping well. Then it starts to show on their activity levels and social interactions.  

3| Cognitive 

You will see your kids struggling with concentration or making decisions. Or forgetting things more than usual. 

4| Physical 

Keep an eye for physical stresses your child might show. This includes muscle tension, fast heart rate, headaches, and loss of energy. 

Knowing the signs is the first step to manage back to school anxiety.

In this video, Dr. Gelston also talks about therapy techniques. In order to help our little children manage back to school anxiety. He also provide a guide for us mumz on dealing with this professionally!

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