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Bathing Essentials for your Baby

Bathing Essentials for your Baby

When having a baby, you must know what essentials you’ll be needing to care for this little angel. Whether for you as a mum, for breastfeeding, or for safety you must know what are the essentials to care perfectly for your baby. Here, we will guide you through the most important bathing essentials for your little one! 

A bathtub 

Getting your baby a bathtub is very important. You cannot rely on the bathtub in your home because you can find it very difficult to bathe your baby in it. Also, some houses have walk-in showers which makes it even more important to get a baby bathtub. 

Little Angel’s Foldable Bath Tub is a great purchase. It comes in pink and blue, and it is a great space saver. It also features a heat sensitive bath plug that indicates the water’s temperature for your baby’s safety. 

Another space saver is Jikel’s Standing Bath & Changing Table – yes, it is a bathtub and a changing table. It features easy folding, 2 brake wheels, a drainpipe, and a storage compartment to store your baby’s bath essentials. The changing table includes a removable changing mat for easy cleaning. 

You can also get this great combo from Summer Infant which includes a Fold Away Baby Bath and Potty Set. The bath features an inflatable design to ensure support and comfort for your baby, and it includes two seating positions – this 2 in 1 combo is a great deal!

Bath toys

Some babies hate bath time, and one way to make them ease into it is having bath toys! Not only will they ease bath time, but they will eliminate any fears from water, and will help develop mind skills for your baby. Here are some of our favorite bath toys: 

Infantino’s Duck House – let’s face it, no better companion for bath time but a bunch of colorful ducks! 

SkipHop’s Light Up Unicorn – the multicolored lights will be activated once the toy touches the water creating a joyful connection between fun and water. 

Munchkin’s Bath Toy Organizer – keep all your baby’s toys at hand with this practical organizer.

Bath safety

Whether bathing in a baby bathtub or in a bigger one, you need safety bathing essentials for a safe bath time. Some essentials like Farlin’s Baby Safe Bath Mat eliminate any chances of slipping making bath time safe and fun. As babies get older and start using their cute little hands, a Tub Handler will definitely become an essential for your bath. Another safety tool is Badabulle’s Eye Shield which protects your little one’s eyes from shampoo – No more tears! 

We also recommend having a heater to keep the room warm after bath time especially during winter to avoid the cold and flu season. 

Checkout more safety essentials here

Bathing accessories

Here are some of our favorite bath time accessories for your little one:

Towels and cloths

When buying towels for your little one, try avoiding traditional boring ones. Get your baby themed towels like a Koala Towel. You can also get a personalized pirate towel for your little boy, or a personalized princess bathrobe for your little girl. 

We assure you that with these essentials, bath time will never be easier!