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How Can Fathers Help New Moms Cope Up?

How Can Fathers Help New Moms Cope Up?

When a baby is born, moms seem to know exactly what the baby needs and how to handle him. For dads, things can be even more difficult. They can’t seem to figure out how to pitch in and be of any use to both, mom and the baby. All the baby wants is his mom for comfort and a tummy that is full. So no doubt that dads tend to feel a little lost. But dear new dads, guess what? Your partner relies more on you than you know.

Here are some ideas on how dads can help their partners to cope up with new parenthood:    
Manage the Visitors:

It is a given that there will be a long list of friends and relatives dying to meet the newest member of the family and hold him in their arms. But sometimes, the mom and the baby just might not be up for a visit with people surrounding them and demanding constant attention. Enter Dad. Now is the time where you can take care of all the calls and messages of people wanting to meet the baby and put them off to a better time when things have mellowed down.

Let Her Rest:

If you love someone, let them sleep. Motherhood is a round-the-clock job and new moms seldom find any time for themselves to rest. It is important for you to step in and try to bond with the baby so that the mom can get enough rest and is not sleep deprived. Comforting the baby, making silly faces, reading him a book, bottle-feeding the baby, are some of the things you can try to keep the baby busy so that you don’t always necessarily have to wake up the mom.

Be There For Your Partner:

After the birth of a child, your partner needs you to be there for her emotionally as well as physically. You are her comfort zone and she looks up to you for your support. At such times, you should be patient with her and try to be there for her as much as you can. Make her life easier and be a shoulder for her to cry on. Let her vent out to you and share her feelings. Cheer her up when she is feeling blue.

Don’t Wait For Her To Ask For Help:

You don’t have to be a mind reader here to know that a new mom would almost at all times need some help and support with the baby. Don’t wait for her to ask for help, step up and take responsibility in whichever way you can help. Keep the house clean, pay the bills, do the laundry, shop for groceries, these are some ways you can try and reduce her load. Make a conscious effort each day to keep your partner relaxed by doing these little things which will make her appreciate you more.  

Build Your Own Bond With The Baby:

Try to build a bond with your baby so he can be at ease when he is with you. Don’t immediately give up and hand off your crying baby to the mother. Try to soothe him, get chatting, rock him or play with him. The slightest touch of your hand or the sound of your voice is all the baby needs sometimes. Let your baby know that he can trust you and you are his safe zone.

Change That Diaper:

A new mom is already over-burdened with middle-of-the-night wake-ups, feedings, and a thousand other things on her mind to take care of the baby. So she loves it when the dad can take over specific jobs like helping the baby with his bath or changing his diaper. This will also allow the dad to get some bonding time with the baby and add much relief to the hectic schedules of the moms.

Pamper Her And Shower Her With Love:

A new mom needs all the love she can, especially when she is so exhausted with the new life change. She will break down. She will be depressed many a time. But you must always be around to pamper her and boost up her spirits. Tell her how beautiful she is and what a good job she is doing in taking care of the baby. Surprise her with a present or get her flowers, or order her favorite food. Show her that she is truly loved.

Cook Her Food:

It does not have to be anything fancy, but making meals for her is just another way of showing – you care. She feeds the baby, and you are responsible for feeding her. Keep the kitchen clean and stock up healthy food snacks for her that can serve as the essential fuel for her body. Feeding or nursing the baby multiple times in a day can make the mom’s appetite go crazy. So you need to ensure she has all the right nutrients in her body and her stomach is always full.

Be Patient With Her:

It may happen that there is no other topic to talk on except the baby. Don’t blame her for it. Of course, the baby becomes the center of her world and the dad will have to take a back seat. Be okay with that and give her the space she needs. Don’t complain or be too needy. Handle her mood swings and be a good listener.

Prioritize Your Family Over Work:

If it is possible, all dads should take off from work for the initial few weeks after the arrival of the baby. You would not want to miss the first experiences of your baby. Also, it is easier for both the parents to work as a team and take care of their little munchkin.


We hope all the new dads reading this post would pick up a thing or two from here and support their partners in every way they can. Helping your partner with parenting will not only  get you brownie points but also will make your bond more solid. Good luck!