Pregnancy and Fasting during Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is fast approaching and if you are an expecting mother, you might be contemplating whether it is safe for you and your baby to fast. Your obstetrician should be the first person you consult on whether it is safe for you to fast or not. In high risk pregnancies, it ...
My Hyperemesis Gravidarum Story

I promised myself to write this article about my pregnancy as soon as I get my strength back. However I kept postponing it. First I thought it was because I was too busy with my new baby girl but later on I discovered that it was out of fear....fear that writing this article will bring ...
How to Have a Good Time During the school vacation

vacation help you slow down and recharge. Don’t let the good times slip by without having a good time. Bond better with your children by having a plan. Let these tips guide your way. Children look forward to the school vacation. After all, it means no more school and plenty of free time. Parents may […]

 10 Travel Tips for a Holiday with Kids

Whether it is a road trip or an air travel, entertaining kids on-the-go is challenging. Your holiday plans can go completely berserk. Plan it well with these survival tips. Holiday vacations with kids can quickly become disasters if you do not plan them well. It is imperative that you are well prepared before you think […]


I just want to share with you my personal story, how a man was dragged into mothers and babies’ world by working out. One day, I was visiting my little nephew. I was never “good” with babies and kids in general. I am always a little nervous when I am around them though. That was […]


A mother is a soul that lives only for her children. She is the one who sees three pies on the dining table with four people around and says, "I don't like pies.” Would the world with all it's people be still here if it wasn't for her? A life without mother cannot be imagined. ...
Should I exercise during pregnancy?

You are pregnant! Wonderful news, congratulations! Now you suffer from nausea, your hormones went crazy and you gained weight, which is not so wonderful. Together with other symptoms, your body starts changing and you may desperately wonder: “will I ever have my pre-pregnancy body back? Should I work out? I might hurt my baby if […]

Insider Tips For Capturing The Cutest Baby Photograph

Every parent wants to capture the best moments of their baby, but doing so can be challenging without the proper know-how. From props and clothes to the right lighting and background, there are a number of things that need to be considered to make your baby’s photos perfect. If you don’t know where to get […]