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From Bump to Baby: Labour & Delivery Experience at King’s College Hospital London, Dubai

From Bump to Baby: Labour & Delivery Experience at King’s College Hospital London, Dubai

Discover the ultimate pregnancy and labour journey from bump to baby at King’s College Hospital London in Dubai. With an expert team, comprehensive care, and a comforting environment, you can trust them to provide the exceptional care you and your baby deserve. Prepare for motherhood with confidence and embark on a remarkable experience of a lifetime at King’s in Dubai.

Becoming a mother is an incredible journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and a lot of unknowns. As a new mum, you want to ensure that your pregnancy journey is smooth and comfortable and that you are in an environment where you can receive the best care possible. If you are based in Dubai, King’s College Hospital London is an excellent option for your pregnancy and childbirth needs.


What makes King’s College Hospital London in Dubai different?

King’s College Hospital London in Dubai offers comprehensive prenatal, antenatal, and postnatal pregnancy care from bump to baby within a state-of-the-art luxurious setting, backed by highly skilled British-board certified doctors, nurses and midwives. The team is dedicated to making your journey as beautiful and memorable as you’d hoped, to provide you and your baby with exceptional care from the moment you discover you are pregnant until you leave the hospital with your little one.

Prenatal Care

The prenatal period is a time of great anticipation and preparation for expectant parents. To ensure a healthy pregnancy and monitor the well-being of the mother and the developing baby, a range of prenatal services are available at King’s Dubai. Screening tests, regular check-ups, and ultrasounds play a crucial role in promoting a healthy pregnancy and early detection of potential complications, but also the reassurance and joy of seeing the baby’s growth and development.

Prenatal screening tests are important diagnostic tools that help identify potential health issues and genetic conditions. These tests provide peace of mind and early detection, empowering parents to plan and seek necessary support for their baby’s well-being. Expectant parents can gain valuable information about their baby’s health by undergoing screening tests and making informed decisions regarding further diagnostic tests or appropriate medical interventions.

Regular prenatal check-ups with healthcare providers are fundamental to ensure the mother’s and baby’s overall health and progress throughout pregnancy. These appointments allow healthcare professionals to promptly address any potential issues, provide guidance on prenatal care, offer emotional support, and ensure the pregnancy progresses smoothly. King’s Dubai aims to foster a strong doctor-patient relationship and create a nurturing environment for expectant parents.

Ultrasounds are exciting and cherished moments during pregnancy, as they offer a glimpse into the baby’s world within the womb. They provide a wealth of information, including the baby’s growth, position, and vital organs, and allow parents to witness captivating moments such as hearing the baby’s heartbeat and seeing their little one’s movements.

By embracing these prenatal services at King’s Dubai, expectant parents can embark on their journey with confidence, knowledge, and peace of mind, knowing their precious little one receives the best care possible from the very start.

Antenatal Care

The journey of pregnancy is a miraculous and transformative experience. To ensure the well-being of both mother and baby during this special time, various antenatal services have been developed At King’s Dubai. They offer a range of birthing options to empower expectant parents with techniques to manage pain, provide alternative birthing options, and enhance the overall birthing experience. Hypnobirthing, water birth and walking epidural are popular birthing options at King’s Dubai, and a team of experts is prepared for any option you might choose.

Hypnobirthing equips couples with the tools to cultivate a calm and peaceful birthing environment, allowing the body to work harmoniously and naturally. This empowering approach promotes a positive birth experience and fosters a deep connection between the birthing parent and their baby. Expectant parents can reduce anxiety and increase confidence and discomfort during childbirth by learning specific breathing techniques, visualisation exercises, and deep relaxation methods.

Water birth is an alternative birthing method in a warm water-filled tub or pool and is a popular choice at King’s Dubai. The warm water stimulates the body’s natural production of endorphins, facilitating a more comfortable birthing process through a gentle and soothing environment to create a sense of weightlessness, relaxation, and pain relief during labour.

The walking epidural is unique to King’s in Dubai as it is the only hospital in the UAE to offer this service. This benefit is to provide the mother with effective pain relief while allowing them to control their body. Unlike a traditional epidural, this allows for mobility which can be advantageous as it would enable you to switch positions, walk around and even use the birthing ball.

Postnatal Care

The postnatal period is a significant phase in a new parent’s life, filled with joy, challenges, and a whirlwind of emotions. At King’s Dubai, the care doesn’t end with the birth of your baby. Various postnatal services have emerged to support parents during this transformative time by providing expert guidance and nurturing care.  This includes check-ups for you and your baby, breastfeeding support, guidance on caring for your newborn, and baby massage classes.

Midwives’ homecare visits offer personalised attention and medical expertise in the comfort of one’s home. Midwives provide postnatal care for both the parent and the baby, monitoring their well-being, answering questions, offering guidance on newborn care, assisting with postpartum recovery, and ensuring the family adjusts well to their new dynamic. These visits provide a safe space for parents to express concerns, receive reassurance, and access professional advice, promoting a smoother transition into parenthood.

Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful way to nourish a newborn, but it can also present challenges for some parents. Lactation consultations offer valuable support and guidance to ensure a successful breastfeeding journey. Lactation consultants are skilled professionals who assist parents with various aspects of breastfeeding, including latching techniques, managing milk supply, addressing concerns or complications, and providing emotional support.

Baby massage is a gentle and loving practice that offers numerous benefits for both the baby and their parent. It involves gentle strokes, soothing touch, and rhythmic movements to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and enhance the parent-infant bond. These sessions can be booked at King’s where a registered Doula demonstrates all the techniques.

By embracing these services, parents can find support, guidance, and empowerment during this transformative time. Whether it’s the gentle touch of a massage, the expert advice of a lactation consultant, or the compassionate care of a midwife, these services contribute to the overall well-being and flourishing of both parents and their precious little ones.


In addition to their exceptional care, King’s Dubai offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for new mums. Their spacious private rooms are designed to provide you with a comfortable and calming space to recover and bond with your new baby. They also offer a range of amenities, including room service, to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The birth of a child is a momentous occasion filled with excitement and anticipation. To provide expectant parents with a truly exceptional birthing experience, VIP room birthing packages at King’s Dubai offer a luxurious and personalised option. These newly renovated rooms resemble extravagant suites. The benefits include daily replenishment of snacks and beverages, access to Netflix, an Afternoon Tea and Celebratory Lunch or Evening Meal for 2, a luxury post-natal gift box for new mums, and five complementary home care visits with an experienced midwife.

To conclude, the pregnancy journey can be exciting and daunting, but with King’s College Hospital London in Dubai, you can feel confident that you and your baby will receive exceptional care at every step. The team of skilled professionals are dedicated to providing you with the support, guidance, and care you need to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy journey, from bump to baby.