The Importance of Reading.

Reading is a fantastic way to calm the mind and seeing as our little ones can at times be extremely active, it is particularly important to cultivate the early habit of reading. Sitting down with your children and their favourite books forces them to slow down and relax. Hugely beneficial for their cognitive development, reading […]

Newborn Play, Why it’s Never too Early to Start

A lot of time with a newborn is spent engaged in routines together; sleeping, feeding and changing nappies and never-ending job lists seem to get longer. Society seems to think that babies can’t play games until they can sit and control their limbs better; however, you can play this easy game with your baby. You ...
The importance of arts and crafts

Academic institutions and families often put a lot of pressure on literacy, numeracy and science, however they are forgetting a key area of development: creative science, in other words, arts and crafts. Arts and crafts are just as important for children as doing maths or learning about science. They deservededication, exposure and commitment. Why? They […]

Wet weather fun!

It doesn’t often happen here in the UAE, so when it does it’s normal to feel stumped to how to entertain the kids indoors, so here are a few quick fun ideas you can try today!  Don’t stay indoors!  While we are not advocating entering out to a storm, a bit of rain never hurt […]

Six ways you can stimulate your kids’ imagination

Imagination is more important than you might think. Kids with a healthy imagination often view the world around them with a vivid and engaging curiosity and grow up to be creative problem-solvers who find success in their lives. Help to stimulate your child’s imagination with these six ideas below: 1. Give them options and choice […]

Classic Christmas Books to share with your loved ones

The decorations are hung, and the treats have been baked, and the presents wrapped – Christmas is well and truly underway. Amidst all the festivities, there is nothing more pleasant that curling up in bed or on the sofa with your little one and reading a Christmas book. Here are a few of our favourite ...
The best outdoor games and toys for kids.

As we start looking forward to the end of the hot summer months, we can start to get excited about the outdoor games, fun and activities to come. Playing outside is so important for the whole family, not only does fresh air and sunshine do wonders for your body but it also helps to develop ...
8 Arts and Crafts Activities to try at home!

Creative expression is so important for children as they grow and learn. It allows them to express their ideas in different ways and to explore their senses. It’s important to offer your child the chance to be creative through arts and craft at home, this shows that you value their creative ideas and views. My ...
Arts and crafts for Diwali

The UAE is home to one of the world’s largest Hindu communities outside of India, many of whom are soon to be celebrating Diwali, the festival of Lights. You will no doubt see many homes adorned with lights and pretty decorations known as Rangoli. Rangoli is an ancient Indian art form in which beautiful patterns ...
Keep them busy this midterm break!

Mid break! We know what you are thinking, it feels as though the school term has only just begun, and already it’s time to find things to keep the kids occupied. While the weather is indeed getting better, it’s still too warm to be outside for most of the day, so why not go back ...