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Why Are Kids’ Playhouses So Much Fun?

Why Are Kids’ Playhouses So Much Fun?

Children love playhouses – there is no argument there. Kids’ playhouses offer hours and hours of fun, entertainment, and skills development. They are one of the best activities children can enjoy at home whether indoors or outdoors. And if you are living in Dubai, where the weather is sunny all year round, they would be a great addition. Many mums wonder, why are children’s playhouses so much fun? And how do they benefit their kids? Here is everything you need to know. 

Why are they so much fun? 

Having a playhouse in your home gives your children their own personal space. Many kids use them as a getaway to spend time at. In addition, they have many great features which makes them super entertaining and fun. Such features include mini furniture, real house items like plates, a kitchen, phones, windows and much more. 

Some others even include swing sets, slides, and climbing ramps which gives children more to do over and over without getting bored. In short words, they are an entertaining addition to your child’s playtime. 

 How do playhouses benefit their kids?

Not only are they fun and entertaining, but playhouses also provide many benefits to your child:

– they develop their physical skills

As we mentioned before, many playhouses feature activities that encourage children to move around. These features include swings, slides, and climbing ramps. Those features keep children energetic and physically active. Children do not get bored with them, and it strengthens their bones and muscles in their legs, hands, and back. Playhouses will keep children physically strong and healthy.

– playhouses build up children’s independence 

Children always pick a place to be at by themselves. A playhouse provides that along with it being safe and comfortable for them. It is a mini house which belongs to your kids to keep tidy, and to look after by themselves. Many mums agree that getting one makes children more responsible and attentive. 

Teaching children independence and responsibility from an early age is what every mum wants to achieve. And a playhouse does that. For instance, keeping the playhouse tidy and clean teaches children to keep every place they spend time at the same. Whether it was their own room, or any place at home. 

In addition, this fosters their skills to make decisions and take responsibility for their belongings. It will also do the same for problem solving. 

– boosts social skills 

Childrens’ playhouses are great for group activities. Your children can have their friends over and spend time together playing at it. This will create strong social foundations to make friends as your children grow up. It will teach them how to communicate with their peers both verbally and nonverbally. It will also help them become good hosts, which is something we all need as we grow up. 

Playing pretend with friends at a space dedicated for this will boost communication skills, language, and imagination. It will also teach them how to express themselves in all kinds of situations. 

– stimulates imagination and creativity 

Role playing and imaginative playing helps children become more creative. Creativity is essential for children to express themselves and choose different paths as they grow up. Playhouse can be turned into whatever your children desire. A house, a school, or anything else they want to express. It will also stimulate their art skills as they can decorate it and arrange it to their liking. 

Best kids’ playhouses chosen by mums in Dubai: 

Kidkraft – Meadowlane Market Playhouse

A fun market playhouse from Kidkraft to teach children all about gardening, cooking, and grocery shopping. This playhouse includes plastic gardening tools for a safe and fun playtime. It also includes a stove, sink, plastic plants, a chalkboard and a moveable bench. Meadowlane Market Playhouse will provide endless hours of fun, imagination, and roleplay.

Smoby – Garden House

Teach children to care for the planet by giving a place that helps them learn about it. This high-quality, safe and sturdy Gardening Playhouse is perfect for imaginative kids. The beautiful design with accompanying trellis, planter, flower pots, waterbutt and watering can offers fun and realistic play time. It also comes with a Gardener’s booklet with 3 clips to hang labels or seed packets. All the necessary accessories are included such as a shovel, rake, dibble and 6 planting pots for your little gardener.

Moon Kids – Playhouse

A perfect playhouse for big backyards. This big playhouse has many features that makes playing outdoors so much fun. It includes a slide, monkey bars & double swing. You can through big playdates at your backyard and watch your little ones and their friends have endless outdoor fun.

Backyard Discovery – Spring Cottage

The spacious Spring Cottage playhouse by Backyard Discovery will set your backyard apart from all others. This enormous playhouse is the largest and most unique in its category. It has beautiful colors and contemporary curved roof design will surely turn a head or two. Your children will enjoy the outdoors by skipping through the garden gate on their way around the back to sit at the snack window and prepare feasts in the fully-stocked kitchen for all your neighbors.

Megastar Mushroom Playhouse

The is the perfect one for your kids. This colorful mushroom looking playhouse will help your kids take their imagination to the extreme. It including a slide a door with climbing steps as well as a chimney style play point. They can imagine they are in the world of Hansel & Gretel, or that they are living with the Smurfs!