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Mumzworld’s Top Tips for Parenting your Step Child

“Blending a family is like a dish that takes a long time to cook,” says Molly Barrow, PhD, author of How to Survive StepParenting. “You can’t force it before it’s ready.” Hollywood has portrayed parenting a step child in its best-case scenario – in The Sound Of Music, we all wished we were one of the […]

The How To Guide for Kids This Summer

Slime is the thing of the moment – kids from ages 5 up to 13 love the slime. Lots of recipes have been flying around but we have managed to pin down a favourite! Slime comes in many forms, butter slime, bubble slime and slimy slime! This recipe is for fluffy slime! How To Create ...
Should your kids do any work during their summer break?

It’s almost summer time and kids are ready to trade school bags for beach bags. Should they be transferring some of their school books to their beach bags? Chasing your kids to do their homework during the school year can be exhausting and frustrating. Do you have the strength to do that over the summer? ...
Preparing for Back to School!

It’s that time of the year when kids get all excited about preparing for school, this checklist will help you ignite their enthusiasm, and give them a bright push to the new school year! Relaxed Back     A healthy spine starts with choosing the right bag for your kids books, a variety of options […]

Is Your Child Anxious?

Anxiety and angst seem such an adult thing to endure. After all, why should kids be anxious? They don’t have to bear any big responsibility, or shoulder any burden. So what would cause anxiety in kids? According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, anxiety disorders are the most common types of disorder in children. But […]