Get your kids talking and ignite their imaginations!

Children are known to say the darndest things, so much so they even made a television show about it. They also ask a lot of questions, questions which can be amusing, terrifying, and often thought-provoking. The most important thing is to keep children curious, keep them asking questions and essentially keep them talking to you. […]

The importance of arts and crafts

Academic institutions and families often put a lot of pressure on literacy, numeracy and science, however they are forgetting a key area of development: creative science, in other words, arts and crafts. Arts and crafts are just as important for children as doing maths or learning about science. They deservededication, exposure and commitment. Why? They […]

Autism – understanding the spectrum

The word Autism gets used a lot in today’s society, but do we really understand what it is? I think it is really important to be well informed and to have a clear understanding. There is a lot of talk these days about Autism however a lot of it is a stereotype or a generalisation, […]

Routines and tricks when introducing solid food

Starting to introduce solid food is exciting and is an excellent opportunity to set up some positive mealtime routines. Mealtimes can be so much more than just eating; they are a time for communication, social skills and learning. It is important to set up routines and positive connections around mealtimes from the beginning, these tips […]

Six ways you can stimulate your kids’ imagination

Imagination is more important than you might think. Kids with a healthy imagination often view the world around them with a vivid and engaging curiosity and grow up to be creative problem-solvers who find success in their lives. Help to stimulate your child’s imagination with these six ideas below: 1. Give them options and choice […]

Pros and cons of having pets

There are lots of aspects to consider before bringing a pet into your family. Everyone you talk to will seem to have a different point of view, advice or opinion, however at the end of the day you need to weigh up the pros and cons for yourself and decide what is best for your ...
5 tips to help potty train your little one.

Potty training is different for every child, sometimes its really easy and comes naturally and for others its more difficult, however, its important to keep trying and encourage your little one because let's face it - they cant stay in nappies forever. Try one or all of these top five tips to will make potty ...
The best outdoor games and toys for kids.

As we start looking forward to the end of the hot summer months, we can start to get excited about the outdoor fun and activities to come. Playing outside is so important for the whole family, not only does fresh air and sunshine do wonders for your body but it also helps to develop different ...