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How to Celebrate Mothers Day at Home?

How to Celebrate Mothers Day at Home?

Mother’s day is right around the corner in the UAE. And we all know that our mothers go beyond all limits to make us feel happy, safe, and loved. While we must show our gratitude all year long, let us make March 21 a little extra special. Here are some great ideas to celebrate mothers day at home. 

1| Decorate you home

Start celebrating mothers day by decorating your home and surprising your mummy with adorable balloons, flowers, and much more. Not only will you make her happy, but you will shower her with love by putting in the effort. 

2| Family photoshoot 

Get together, dress up, and get your family portrait taken on this special day. You can use the decorations as a photo background at your home. Or you can go somewhere your mummy loves to take it. Just make sure not to forget your masks and hand sanitizers. 

3| Take a trip down memory lane 

Every mum loves looking at old photo albums and videos with her family. Spend an afternoon taking a trip down memory lane with your mummy and laugh at unforgettable memories together. You can connect your phone to a big screen and go through plenty of photos and videos with the rest of the family. 

4| Cook a favorite meal 

Be it breakfast in bed, brunch, or dinner – mummies always love it when their families cook for them. Prepare the meal, fix up the table, and enjoy a lovely meal with your mummy. 

You can use special kitchen gadgets to help you prepare a mothers day meal.

5| Movie night 

Let’s face it, mums usually don’t get to watch their favorite movie at movie nights. Change things by having a movie night with only her favorite movies. Make some popcorn, plan dessert, and cuddle up under a blanket for an amazing movie night. 

6| Get crafty 

Set a crafts table and get together making all sorts of crafts. You can make cards, bracelets, bookmarks, and so much more. Put all electronics away and enjoy a fun and bonding activity. Here are some things that the craft table might need: 

  • – glue
  • – scissors
  • – colorful crafts paper
  • – paper glitter
  • – cute stickers
  • – colorful beads
  • – strings
  • – hole puncher

7| Have a virtual party 

Get together on a zoom call with the rest of the mums you love and have a little celebration. You can show off your decorations, make crafts together, or simply set back and hang out with them. Make sure to send an invite a day before so all the mummies can join in. 

8| Have a game night 

Get a fun board game and have a family game night. Make sure everyone is familiar with it and get a small prize for the winner. 

9| At-home spa day 

Finally, pamper your mummy with some time for herself to relax and release any tension. Get her special products to help her relax and enjoy her home spa day. 

We all love our mummies, so make sure you let them know and shower them with love this year! Make sure to check out our gift store.