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Is your child buckled up? Car Safety and Why it’s Essential

Is your child buckled up? Car Safety and Why it’s Essential

We know that you want the very best for your child, the very best should always include them being safe when travelling in the car.

Did you know:

–    It is a legal requirement for all passengers to wear seat belts when in the car?

–     That children up to age four must be in a child safety seat?

–    It is illegal for anyone under age ten to sit in the front passenger seat?

–    Children who are adequately buckled into proper child seats that are fitted to the car reduce the risk of severe injuries by up to 80%?


International averages suggest keeping all children up to age 8 in a child safety seat (or booster seat) and all children under age 12 out of the front passenger seat.


The reality is that car seats are designed to protect your child in the event of a crash by forming an appropriate size cacoon around them. They are designed with specific requirements and instructions for use. For example, newborn baby capsules are rear-facing so that in an accident, they are pushed into the seat which protects their fragile spine and neck, with higher edges to protect their head from moving too much.



–    Adult seat belts sit too high on a child’s stomach, meaning that their internal organs could be injured and they could be caught in the seat belt (as it isn’t firm enough for their size)

–    You should move your baby from a rear-facing seat when the top of their head is level with the top of the baby capsule seat

–    A child around 15-25kg can use a booster seat

–    Car seats should never be in the front passenger seat (if the airbag is activated this is a significant danger)

–    All car seats should have a label stating what safety standard they meet, the weight range it is designed for and the age recommendations.


Here are my top safety picks:


Chicco – Keyfit 30 Car Seat – Moonstone 

an easy to ensure it’s tightly secured and can be fitted onto the Chicco stroller (much easier to get new bub in and out of the car).


Evenflo – Duran Car Seat 

this car seat will last you and your child, it is suitable for new borns until age 6 due to its versatility and ability to adapt. It is also easy to securely fit as a rear facing seat or forward facing.


Chicco – Nextfit iX Car Seat

a super versatile long-lasting car seat that grows with your baby. It has so many position options and is a worthwhile investment.


Evenflo – Theron 3-In-1 Booster Car Seat 

this is perfect as your child gets older, it is height adjustable to make the perfect booster seat.


Gofit Backless Booster Seat 

this booster seat is perfect for older children and is designed to be moved between cars with ease.


Other things to consider adding to your Mumzworld cart:


Child Car Seat Sun Cover

keep your child’s seat in the shade while parked in the sun, avoid burning hot metal parts and fabric that’s uncomfortable on your child’s skin.


Dreambaby® Adjustable Backseat Mirror

keep an eye on your child as they sit safely in the back with ease while you are in the front


Homesmiths – Car Window Sign – Yellow 

this globally recognised sign indicates to others that there is a baby in the car, this is important in a car accident so that others know to check for your infant (they cannot get themselves out or alert others that they are there).