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Detoxing Drinks for Your Body Post Menstruating

Detoxing Drinks for Your Body Post  Menstruating

We ladies should always take care of our bodies. Especially during menstruation to keep our periods regular and healthy. Keeping in mind that there are many things that might make them irregular. Such as hormonal disorder, malnutrition, and experiencing a miscarriage. Also, getting bad blood collected in your body can cause illnesses or infections that you want to avoid. Therefore, we gathered up 5 great detoxing drinks to keep your body clean and healthy. 

5 Detoxing Drinks Post Menstruating

1| Ginger detoxing drinks 

Ginger is one of the best herbs that makes excellent detoxing drinks. It is filled with antioxidants which keep your body clean of toxins and healthy. Also, it flushes your body of all waste that might be built up in your system. In addition to that, ginger boosts blood flow and protects the body from any infections. Ginger really helps with cleaning the uterus from bad blood. 

In order to get the best result, we recommend drinking warm ginger drinks on an empty stomach. Do that every morning for three days post PMSing. We know, ginger might be a bit too sharp flavored for some. So, add in a teaspoon of honey to make it taste sweeter. 

2| Cinnamon drinks 

Another famous detoxing drink is hot cinnamon tea. It is an anti-inflammatory herb that helps reduce pain and inflammation. Many doctors and nutritionists recommend a cup of hot cinnamon tea. Especially to reduce menstruation pains before, during and after. This will help reduce PMS pains as well as rid your body of remaining menstrual blood. Make sure to drink about one or two cups a day during your period and after. 

3| Olive oil and dates 

Having dates during your period mornings is really beneficial for your body. Not only does it stimulate your utures’s muscles, but it also reduces cramps. It also clears your body of all remaining menstrual fluids. You can have 3 dates a day. Or you can let some dates soak in olive oil for about five dates. This way you will get the benefits of both dates and olive oil. 

4| Fenugreek

We know – this might not be an herb that you heard of before. However, it is very famous around the middle east – including Dubai. Many new mums use fenugreek during postpartum as they help their bodies recover. Fenugreek helps maintain the body’s health through boosting the immune system. Moreover, it flushes the body of waste, toxins, menstrual fluids and blood. 

To make this drink, you need some fenugreek. You can find them as dried seeds, fresh flowers, or already packed in tea bags. Boil some of it with some milk and it will reduce pains and keep your body safe and healthy. 

5| Honey 

Honey is one of the most famous natural remedies that every house has. It has countless benefits for the body. Including boosting the immune system and blood circulation. White honey is great for flushing the body of menstrual blood. You can either have it alone, with a cup of warm water, or with other drinks.

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