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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

The first thing that comes to mind when wondering whether or not you’re pregnant, is a missed period. But for many women with irregular cycles, a missed period is not a very accurate indicator of pregnancy. What if your period is always late? What if it’s late because of environmental factors like stress? And more often than not, store bought pregnancy tests don’t always pick up early pregnancies.

There are numerous early signs of pregnancy that go beyond your menstrual cycle.

Read on to find out what they are!

1| Sensitivity to Scents

This is how a lot of women realize they might be pregnant. You either smell something that other people don’t notice, or certain scents bother and nauseate you that never seemed to before!  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a foul scent; it could be anything from food to perfume. Being pregnant means, you might pick up these scents and they might nauseate or irritate you.

2| Nausea

Another very common telling sign, when the thought of your favorite meal turns your stomach upside down, then that could definitely mean you’re pregnant. You might suddenly feel nauseous by the idea of not just eating certain foods, but cooking them as well. You also might feel nauseous or get motion sickness during car rides.

3| Fatigue

Many women find themselves constantly tired and falling asleep out of nowhere, no matter how much of a good night’s rest they may have gotten. If you’re suddenly feeling a strong sense of love and connection to your bed, then it might be a good idea to get a pregnancy test!

4| Cramps

Feeling a low abdominal pain, similar to menstrual cramps is also a very big indicator of pregnancy. It feels like period pain but it isn’t, it’s actually the fertilized egg attaching itself to the walls of the uterus. This is in fact one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

5| Tender Breasts

Tender, sore, even sensitive breasts are very common in the first weeks and will even last throughout the pregnancy. You may also notice a change in their shape or size as they start to feel a little fuller. You might probably need to start thinking about shopping for a larger cup size bra!


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