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Encouraging Words for Kids on Their First Day of School

Encouraging Words for Kids on Their First Day of School

First day of school is always an exciting and thrilling time. As it is also a time of fear and anxiety. It is a day filled with mixed feelings and emotions for both kids and parents. Mums are always a fountain of love and empowerment for her kids. Therefore, you must show your support for your kids during their first day of school. Make sure to give them a big dose of love and encouragement to help them through their fears and anxiety. We believe that verbal support and encouraging words are the best way to do so.

Encouraging Words for Your Kids

Sometimes shaping our words can be hard. In this article you will find sentences to share with your kids on their first day of school. Therefore, take those encouraging words and personalize them. Your kids will find great comfort and support receiving such encouragement from you. 

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1| Be courageous. 

“New beginnings are both exciting and scary at the same time. Being scared should not stop you from making new friends, exploring a new class, and having a new teacher. Even mummy and daddy are sometimes scared of new beginnings, and that is okay. Remember, every day is a chance to learn something new, have new experiences, and make forever friends.” 

2| Stay kind. 

“You are never fully dressed without a smile. So always have it on. When you talk to others, make sure to stay kind and only say nice things. Tell others things that will make you happy. If you see a lonely kid during recess, sit with them and try to be their friend.  Also, if you see another kid get bullied, defend them and call your teacher for help immediately.” 

3| Be strong. 

“Sometimes, kids give each other a hard time. Don’t feel scared or hopeless if you experience this. If someone bullies you, go straight to your teachers and let them know. Do not accept bullying, and do not accept to be treated badly by anyone. Bullies are not as strong as they seem. They hide behind mean words and behaviors. So, be strong and respectful. Defend yourself without being rude or violent. Being both confident and strong will get you out of any hard situation.” 

4| Listen well. 

“Always listen well to your teachers. Every piece of information they have to offer is very precious. They will teach you lessons that you will never forget, and they will benefit you throughout your life. Also, listen to your friends because this is the best quality in good friends. It is also the first step to being an emotionally mature person who is capable of sympathizing with others. 

5| Always be honest. 

“It may feel like lying is an easy way out of a situation. But in fact, lying is like a snowball, the more you roll it, the bigger it gets. And eventually it will be very hard to control. Therefore, always be honest and do not be afraid of the result. Be sure of this, people will always love and prefer an honest person. Even if it doesn’t feel so sometimes.”