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Water Birth: What is it, and What to Expect?

Water Birth: What is it, and What to Expect?

These days, there are many child birthing methods. Natural childbirth, vaginal, a c-section, and the most new; water birth. Many mums consider the latter because of the many benefits doctors and experts mention. But is it really that beneficial? Does it have any risks? And are there water birthing services in Dubai? You will find all the answers here.    

Everything you need to know on water birth 

What is water birth? 

Water birth is exactly what it sounds like. It is a birthing method where a pregnant mum sits in a pool or tub filled with warm water. You can think of it as one of the new and trendy baby delivery ways these days. In addition, it means either your labor, delivery or both happens while you are sitting in warm water.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, this childbirth type provides a similar environment for newborn babies. It makes the transition from the womb to the world easier and smoother. They theorize that a baby is in an amniotic fluid sac for nine months. Therefore, water birth can be gentler and less stressful for both baby and mum. 

Water birth in Dubai

Many birth centers, facilities and hospitals provide water birth in Dubai. For example, Al Zahra Hospital was the first to provide it in Dubai. Their teams and specialists will be with you from A to Z to make sure your water birth goes smoothly. In addition, many other hospitals provide water birthing services, such as the American Hospital and King’s College Hospital Dubai. 

Is water birth better than other types of baby delivery?

Many birthing centers and other OBGYNs believe that water birth reduces fetal complications greatly. According to them, there are many benefits for pool birth or tub birth, such as: 

  • – Warm water helps soothe and relax the mum, thus easier delivery. 
  • –  Also, warm water increases mum’s energy, especially during the final stages of childbirth.
  • – Moving in water is easier, which means the mum can switch birthing positions easily. 
  • – It also boosts the mum’s blood circulation, which results in providing more oxygen for the baby. 
  • – Research show it is much less painful, so mums might not need anesthesia at all. 
  • – Water birth means less anxiety and stress, thus lower blood pressure. 
  • – Being in warm water helps the mum’s body to produce endorphins. 
  • – It can be more private and personal. 
  • – Finally, it helps ease physical pain. So you can focus mentally fully on your baby. 

Does water birth have any risks? 

This childbirth method is just increasing its popularity. That is why there is little research and actual facts on the risks. Having said that, some experts have theories and assumptions on the risks that come with it. For instance, some assume that water might enter the mother’s blood stream. In other words, it might cause water embolism. Also, doctors fear that the mother’s temperature might be too high or too low during a tub birth. 

As for risks related to the newborn baby, some theorize that babies might inhale the water. Which might cause breathing issues or seizures. Some other experts assume that babies can get an infection from water birth. Or that the umbilical cord could snap before your baby comes out of the water. But keep in mind that these are theories, and many experts and doctors assure that this rarely happens.  

When is water birth not an option for you? 

Many doctors advise against this birth method in certain situations, such as: 

  • – If your baby is breech.
  • – When mums have certain health conditions. Such as herpes, maternal infection, diabetes, or extreme bleeding. 
  • – If you are having a preterm baby. 
  • – When a mum is having twins. 
  • – if the mum has any kind of infection, as it can spread to the baby from the water. 

The best advice we can give you is to check with your doctor. If you want to have a pool birth, make sure you get a clean bill of health from your healthcare provider. 

How much does water birth cost? 

The cost of this childbirth method depends on the country and the hospital. According to, it costs the same as vaginal birth. And your health insurance will cover it just the same. Some hospitals have extra charges for renting a birthing tub, which approximately is around $200 – $400. So, it mostly depends on the hospital or birthing center you are choosing.