The 5 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids this Academic Year

The 5 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids this Academic Year

This leakproof, lightweight and compact lunch box is great for little ones. You can easily pack wet foods without worrying plus it’s also super easy to wash.

OmieBox - Purple Plum Lunch Box

This is such a user-friendly lunch box as it has separate compartments that enable storing of hot and cold food together so kids can have an entire meal in one place! The kid-friendly design also helps kids be more independent.

Yumbox - Stardust Pink Unicorn 4C Lunchbox

This super easy and functional lunchbox is perfect to help you mix up your lunch box packing and include a variety of foods as it’s not only leak-proof but also has a food tray with four divisions.

Penny Scallan - Bento Box Big City

This is a fantastic option if you like to have lots of little spaces and different foods in the lunch box (which, let’s face it, most of us do). With labelled and sealed individual sections, your child can choose what bits to eat when and you can clearly see which food groups you have packed.

TW Lunchbox 6 compartments - Yellow

This bright and handy lunchbox is great for school lunches as the many compartments will ensure the kids don’t have soggy lunches while the removable silicone seal will make it easy for you to clean.

Plus some super handy lunch box accessories and add-ons to keep in the cupboard this school year:

Skip Hop - Zoo Lunchie Insulated Kids Lunch Bag - Narwhal

A roomy and insulated lunch bag with a top handle that clips on to any backpack so your child will not lose their lunch bag!

Jordans - Blueberry Frusli Bar 6 x 30gm

These delicious and creamy blueberry oat cereal bars are the perfect healthy snack for kids.

Stuck on You Name Labels

 Don’t lose your new purchases this academic year with these easy to use and waterproof name labels.

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