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Best Healthy Snacks for Lunch Boxes and Kids on the Go!

Best Healthy Snacks for Lunch Boxes and Kids on the Go!

Every mum is busy managing her family’s life as well as her own. And while nothing beats homemade snacks, a little help every now and then is needed. You can always rely on these healthy snacks to give fuel for your little ones. 

Let us face it, not all prepacked snacks give your children equal nutriment as the homemade ones. But sometimes your kids need a quick snack on the go to get through a long school’s day.

Here are some of our favorite ready-to-go healthy snacks that even we keep handy in case of hunger striking during the school run or pick up.

Organix – Apple Rice Cakes

A snack filled with vitamins, and zero added salt, artificial flavors, dyes or fats. It is Made with only the best organic ingredients like wholegrain rice, apple juice concentrate, and cinnamon.

Organix - Apple Rice Cakes 50g

Yum Earth – Organic Fruit Snacks 57g – Pack Of 2 

Fruit snacks that are 100% organic and both parents and kids love. They are also vegan and gluten free

NutriniDrink – Multi Fibre Liquid Chocolate 200ml 

All kids love chocolate flavored drinks. This one is filled with multivitamins and fibers to give your little one plenty of energy. It is a great oral supplement for children.

Rawbite – Apple Cinnamon Organic 50g Pack Of 12

A power bar made for children. It includes dried fruit and nuts, and has zero flavors or artificial additives. Rawbite bars give your little one endless energy!

They also come in different flavors like vanilla, berries, cocoa, peanuts, lime, and coconuts.

All children crave chips and crisps throughout the day. Instead of buying products that are filled with fats and oils, these crispy teats are healthy, free from oils and processed fats, and they will fill up your kids and keep them energized.