Choosing the Perfect School-Bag to Last the Whole Year Through

Choosing the Perfect School-Bag to Last the Whole Year Through

As you prepare for back to school, there is one really important item to get right from the very beginning. The school-bag.

You need to pick a bag that is:

– ergonomic (easy for them to use, wear and carry without hurting their back or body)

– the right size for your child (age appropriate sizing is important)

– easy for your child to open and use (save the teacher and foster independence)

– able to fit all the required school gear 

On a side note; as a teacher, it is so much easier if their bag can fit their lunch box and bottle inside – much less chance for things to get lost or left behind. 

I have classified my top picks by age – as your child gets older they need a bigger bag that fits a bit more and functions in different ways.

Younger Children:
Petit Collage - Eco Friendly Backpack - Space

This is my favourite for so many reasons, firstly it’s eco-friendly (a huge plus), a wide opening zipper section, easy to clear and super comfortable for them to carry.

SkipHop - Zoo Backpack - Llama

Why? It’s a good size for them carry themselves, it fits the basic things needed in the early years – food, drink bottle and a spare set of clothes. Plus it’s pretty cute!

Sunveno - Kids Backpack - Dinosaur Blue

Spacey enough to carry essentials, good straps and adjustable lengths to fit perfectly and super fun designs! 

Penny Scallan - Backpack Pear Salad

This classic backpack is from the much loved Penny Scallan brand so guaranteed to be great quality, whilst ticking off all the other backpack essentials. 

Older Children:
Sambox - Vogue XL School Bag - Black

I like this bag because it has lots of different spaces and pockets, making it easier to stay organised and to take care of their belongings.

Fusion Basic 2 Fuchsia Backpack with Front Pocket 17

Pockets, ergonomic, more grown up colour scheme and design, perfect as they grow up.

Gravity - Flowers Trolley Bag 20

if you want a bag with wheels, this is a great option!

Herschel - Heritage Navy/Tan Synthetic Leather Backpack

I am a big fan of any Herschel bag, they last, they’re super sturdy and they have so many on trend designs and fabrics.

Check out the huge range of back to school backpacks available now on Mumzworld and enjoy the ease of choosing a school bag and ordering it from the comfort of your own home.

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