Get Back to School Sorted With These Bundle Buys

Get Back to School Sorted With These Bundle Buys

And so, it’s that time again – our little ones are off to school after one hot UAE summer. Is it strange that the idea of shopping for school supplies makes us mums childishly happy?

The Pink Unicorn Bundle Set complete with a thermal lunch bag, lunch boxes as well as cookie cutters is utterly adorable. It has a bottle holder, is made out of waterproof material and is further proof that unicorns indeed are real. Your little princess will love you (more) for it.

Not a unicorn fan? In need of something more travel-friendly for those school trips? We are head-over-heels in the 5-in-1 Disney Frozen Travel Set, consisting of a trolley bag, lunch box, lunch bag, wallet and water bottle. After all, matching sets appeal to women of all ages.

We are not LOL-ing at all at how cute and convenient this L.O.L Lunch Bag and Bottle Combo is, it’s the other way around in fact. It is an excellent addition for snack time, and if you aren’t familiar with the Glitterati club, this is your chance to get to know the cool gang. P.S the bag keeps the meals inside nice and cool too – pun totally intended.

This Lock&Lock Lunch Box Set is one for the boys and the girls too. Cute dots – as you might know – are the pattern this season and this trio is more suitable for six years olds and above. Suitable for the microwave, easy to wipe clean and insulated it will keep the warm dishes warm and the colds cold. If it weren’t for their size, we would get one ourselves. 

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