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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home?

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home?

We did for Halloween, we did it at Christmas. So why can’t we do it for Valentine’s Day as well? It’s safer, more personal, and it will be an amazing date-night in. How to celebrate valentine’s day at home and what do you need? Keep on reading! 

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home? 

To have the perfect Valentine at home you need to get planning, and here’s what you need to do:

1| Get someone to babysit

Hiring a nanny or asking someone to babysit will ease your date night and help you avoid distractions or any interruptions. You ask a close friend, grandparents, or any family member. Prepare your children’s bags and everything they might need. Arranging it all helps you and the babysitter. 

Getting a babysitter is a win-win – your children will have a fun night with new faces, and you and your spouse will have a romantic night to renew the spark. 

2| Cook a romantic dinner

Cook a romantic meal that has two or three courses. You definitely miss a certain dish because your children don’t like it. Make it and set the table in a romantic and elegant way. A candle lit dinner is perfect for a romantic night. 

If you are not in a mood to cook, you can order in. Place your favorite food in your fancy plates and serving dishes. Set the table in red runners, candles, and candle holders to be in a full on Valentine mood. 

3| Don’t skip dessert 

Sweets are essential for Valentine’s. Be it chocolates, cheesecakes, or chocolate-covered strawberries. You can also make any kind of dessert and use fancy plates for arrangements. 

You can get a fondue set and melt your favorite choice of chocolate. Side it with a plate of strawberries, mangos, and marshmallows. And with the babysitter taking care of the kids, there will be no mess! 

4| Get flowers 

Flowers are the most romantic and timeless thing for Valentine. Buy a red roses arrangement and place it on the dinner table to have the ultimate romantic dinner ever. 

5| Get fancy 

Get out of the sweats and comfy clothes and slip into a red dress. Get your hair, nails and makeup done. If you’re a new mom, you probably miss dressing up. Remember, you’re beautiful whatever you do! 

6| Music, music! 

Get a speaker, create a playlist with all your favorite romantic songs and enjoy your dinner listening to beautiful music to complete the romantic mood. 

7| Turn dinner to a picnic? 

If you’re in a mood to do something different, pick your favorite spot and turn dinner on a table to a romantic indoor picnic. Get a red blanket and arrange it as you like. You can still use candles, flowers, and anything red! 

8| Movie night 

You probably have a movie or two on your watchlist that you did not get to watch yet. Either watch it after dinner on your TV, or get a white curtain, a projector and enjoy your movie in a special and new way. 

9| Pamper each other. 

A romantic night in needs a little massage. Do a couples massage using massagers – or just your hands. Get your favorite essential oils and candles and pamper one another with a small massage session. 

End the night with exchanging gifts or Valentine cards. 

And that is how you celebrate valentine’s day at home!

Celebrate valentine’s day this year and make it a special treat for you and your spouse. And remember to show love and appreciation to each other.