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How to choose the best baby bottle

How to choose the best baby bottle

Choosing a baby bottle is easier said than done. As a new mum, you will probably go through a lot of research rather than picking a random bottle. To make your research easier, here is your ultimate guide to choose the best bottle for your baby.

What to consider? 

Before choosing your baby’s bottle, here are some main things to keep in mind: 

1-Size, shape, and material

The bottle size differs as your baby grows. You can start with a 150 ml bottle and gradually move to bigger ones. 

Shape is important for your grip – and for your baby’s grip later on. So choose one that you are comfortable with. 

Finally, you will find three materials for the bottles: plastic, glass, and steel. If you choose plastic make sure it is BPA free, if you choose glass know that they are heavier and best used after the age of 2 months. Steel bottles are considered safer and lighter – but they are more expensive, and only suitable for 6 months old and above.  

2-Baby’s age 

Considering your baby’s age is important because it determines the flow strength. Babis from the age of 1 week till the age of 2 months need slow flow. Ages from 2 to 6 months need a medium flow, and older than 6 months are ready for a fast flow. Here you must consider the nipple of the bottle just as the bottle itself. Keep in mind that you might mix feed your baby. 

Keep in mind that your baby can reject a couple bottles before getting used to one. Many say that babies with colic can be choosier than most. 

3-Ease of Cleaning and Sterilizing 

When choosing the shape and size, keep in mind the ease of cleaning. If the bottle has lots of curves it’ll take more effort to clean. Also, make sure you get a bottle that works well with sterilizing. 

The bright side of bottle feeding 

Bottle feeding has many advantages for you and your baby’s feedings, here is why: 

1-Easy feedings, as anyone can feed your baby with bottles when you are busy or away.

2-Measuring the exact amount of milk consumed by your baby. 

3-Being sure that your baby is getting the proper diet they need. 

How to make bottle feeding easier and safer? 

1-Bottle Warmers 

Keep milk warm and ready at all times with bottle warmers. You can use warmers with heating pads like or ones that work on USB cables. 


Sterilizing is one of the best ways to clean bottles and have them ready to be used. Some sterilizers  use ultraviolet sterilisation which are harmless to the human body and produce a 99.9% sterilization rate against pathogenic bacteria, fungi and various infectious diseases. We love this one because it can be used for bottles, toys, and teething gear. 


You can also hand clean your baby’s bottles using special bottle brushes and choosing the right soap. . 

4-Formula machines 

Milk formula machines are great to get lump-free milk. Beaba’s Milk Prep provides you with 3 choices of temperature to your preference preserving the nutritional quality of breast milk.


Formula containers are great for easy outings with your little one. Just scoop the right amount and have it ready to be used whenever it is time to feed your baby. Beaba’s Stacked Formula Milk Container has the capacity for 9 formula milk doses per compartment. 


Our favorite picks for bottles

Philips Avent – Anti-Colic Bottle Newborn Flow

This Anti-Colic Bottle from Philips Avent is clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort. It also minimize feeding interruptions

Comotomo – Natural Feel Baby Bottle Green

Ease your baby’s transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding with this bottle. It mimics breastfeeding to help you and your baby through this transition. 

Lifefactory -Glass Baby Bottle with Nipple

The glass endures thermal shock, and the silicone sleeves provide a good gripping surface ensuring a smooth feeding.

Dr. Browns Narrow-Neck Options

This convertible bottle helps reduce feeding problems, preserving vitamins, and smoothing the baby’s digestion. It can be used with or without the vent system

Suavinex Glass Wide Neck Bottle 

This leakproof bottle with its stainless steel interior is designed to Retain temperature up to 6 hours and not absorb flavors. It is great for outings with your baby

Twistshake – Anti-Colic Glass Bottle

Twistshake counteracts colic with a free flow with its anti-colic valve. It is heat resistant, odourless,  BPA free and easy to refill and clean.

Chicco baby bottles

Choose from a wide range of the best baby bottles offered by Chicco to make feeding your baby easier and healthier. 

Nuk Bottle 

As your baby gets older, you might want to get a bottle with handles. Nuk includes baby-friendly handles which have a nobbly surface for a non-slip grip. This bottle is perfect for the age of 6 months and older.

Marcus & Marcus Transition Trainer Bottle 

The trainer bottle helps children develop sipping skills. It is spill-proof design so you can be worry-free while your child is learning.

Whether you are breastfeeding your baby, or bottle feeding – make sure you choose the best of the best from now till even after the transition to solid foods.