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How to plan your newborn’s wardrobe

How to plan your newborn’s wardrobe

Planning a newborn’s wardrobe is one of the most joyful steps during the journey. While it can be a little challenging, especially if you are a new mum, we will prepare a full guide on what your newborn needs from A to Z. 

How to choose clothes for your newborn? 

You will need many items to help you care for your newborn. Not just clothes, but also toys, furniture, and gear. Newborn’s clothes are slightly different from other age groups, and it can be a little challenging especially if it’s your first baby. But fear not, together we will get through this.

1| Check the fabrics

Always make sure to buy your little one clothes that are made of pure organic cotton or polyester cotton blends. Your baby’s skin is super sensitive at this stage so you want to avoid exposing it to manufactured fabrics.

2| Pick the right size

Make sure you buy clothes that are for newborns. Sometimes the size 0-3 months old can be a little big for your baby. This also means avoiding tight or elastic clothing. So, buy the right size for your little one; not too loose, and not too tight.

3| Get the essentials

Make a list of all the items your little one needs. This includes onesies, swaddles, and pajamas.

4| Pick well-seamed clothes

Try to buy clothes with few seams. Zippers and buttons might cause discomfort for your baby. Before buying a piece of clothing that has zippers or buttons, make sure it has no bulges or sharp edges.

5| Be creative

Most people stick to pink for girls, and blue for boys. Well, we invite you to be a little more creative by choosing a variety of colors and prints. Not only will they look adorable on your baby, but you can store them and use them for your next baby!

Most important items in a newborn’s wardrobe

Here are the essential items to include in your baby’s wardrobe:


Onesies are essential for every baby’s wardrobe. They protect your baby’s skin first hand, and they separates the skin from the rest of the clothes to keep safe. It is best to buy 100% cotton-made onesies because they directly touch the baby’s delicate skin. You can get onesies with long and short sleeves for all seasons.


Overalls, jumpsuits, body suits, or rompers. These are all important for your newborn’s wardrobe. Most mums prefer them for their babies because they are easier to dress and they bring no issues of shirts sliding up or pants sliding down. Bodysuits can be for outings, sleep, or both. You can also mix and match with your little baby’s onesies to plan cute little outfits.


In the first few months, your newborn will need comfy jammies more than outing clothes. A comfortable pajama helps you baby sleep well. It is best to get pajamas with no buttons or zippers to avoid hurting babies’ skin or disrupting their sleep. We recommend comfy, mildly warm jammies for a safe and sound sleep.

Two-piece outfits 

While we find one-piece outfits best for newborns, having a few two-piece outfits around is good.

Hats, socks, and gloves 

Those little accessories will come in handy for your newborn. Especially if your going out on the first few months. You can buy them separately, or buy a matching set.